List Of Radio Stations In Mombasa And Their Frequencies

This is a list of all radio stations in Mombasa. Radio stations in Kenya have for a long time dominated the number one spot as the biggest source of information and entertainment. This has led to an incredible increase in the number of radio stations in the country.

Radio stations and any other media houses in Kenya are regulated by the Media Council of Kenya (MCK). MCK is an independent national institution that was established by the Media Council Act, No 20 of 2013. The council sets media standards and ensures compliance with the standards.

Here is a list of all radio stations in Mombasa and their frequencies.

1. Msenangu FM

Frequency: 99.5

2. Baraka FM

Frequency: 95.5

3. Pwani FM

Frequency: 104.7

4. Radio Rahma

Frequency: 91.5

5. Free FM

Frequency: 94.2

6. Shekki FM

Frequency: 106.6

7. Radio Tumaini

Frequency: 93.0

8. Radio Salaam

Frequency: 90.7

9. Sauti Ya Pwani

Frequency: 94.2

10. Bahari FM

Frequency: 90.4

11. Radio Kaya

Frequency: 93.1

12. Kwale Ranet FM

Location: Kwale

Frequency: 103.5

13. Mwanedu FM

Location: Voi

Frequency: 96.1

14. Anguo FM

Location: Taita Taveta

Frequency: 90.9

15. Mo Radio 

Location: Mombasa

Frequency: 88.2

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