List Of Rape Hotspots Within Nairobi

The cases of sexual abuse and gender violence have been escalating each day in Kenya. Majority of this cases have been reported in many informal settlements especially in the slums of Nairobi. According to a report, 92.3 % of the victims affected by sexual abuse are female while 7.7% are male.

An alarming rough estimate of more than 42,375 rape cases is disturbing but conservative. The figure, however, could be even two to three times higher because the one stated above merely represents the cases reported to police stations and health centers.

A fraction of the victims who are sexually abused are either mentally challenged, refugees or even physically challenged, majorly because they cannot defend themselves. Another huge fraction is that of minors who represent a huge  57% of the reported sexual abuse cases… and women. Women, however, are highly vulnerable to be sexually abused than men because they cannot defend themselves against their perpetrators and that’s why the number of women who are sexually abused is way higher than that of men.

We have listed for you the rape hotspots within Nairobi that you should exercise extra caution like not walking alone at lonely places or at night.

  1. Kasarani (Santon, Mwiki)
  2. Kayole
  3. Githurai
  4. Roysambu
  5. Kahawa West
  6. Marurui
  7. United States International University neighborhood
  8. Kenyatta University neighborhood
  9. Soweto
  10. Donholm
  11. Umoja
  12. Jacaranda
  13. Saika
  14. Komarock 

On the contrary, places like Makadara, Nyayo, Mbotela, Maringo, Jericho, Harambee, and Buruburu have the least cases of reported sexual assault cases.

John Nyabuto

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