List Of Research Institutions In Kenya

This is a list of research institutions in Kenya. The list focuses on both public and private research institutions which conduct research activities in diverse fields and thematic areas.

Here is a list of research institutions in Kenya.

1. Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)

KEMRI is a state corporation that was established through the Science and Technology (Amendment) Act of 1979 as the national body responsible for carrying out health research in Kenya.

2. Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO)

KALRO is a corporate body created under the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Act of 2013 to establish a suitable legal and institutional framework for the coordination of agricultural research in Kenya. KARLO manages about 16 research institutes located countrywide.

3. Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI)

KEFRI is a world-class centre of excellence in forestry and allied natural resources research.

4. Kenya Industrial Research And Development Institute

It is a national research institution established in 1979 under the Science and Technology Act Cap 250 of the Laws of Kenya to undertake multidisciplinary research and development in industrial and allied technologies.

5. Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute

The institute is in charge of the production, research and innovation of veterinary vaccines in Kenya.

6. Kenya Marine & Fisheries Research Institute

The institute was established to conduct research on aquatic systems covering both marine and freshwater.

7. National Crime Research Centre

It is a state corporation under the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government. It is mandated to carry out research into the causes of crime, its prevention and to disseminate the research findings to relevant government agencies.

8. Tourism Research Institute

The institute is mandated to undertake and coordinate tourism research and analysis.

9. International Centre Of Insect Physiology & Ecology (ICIPE)

ICIPE is an international institution that primarily works on research activities involving arthropods.

10. International Livestock Research Institute

The institute works to improve food security and reduce poverty in developing countries through research for better and more sustainable use of livestock.

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