List Of Siraji Sacco Branches In Kenya

This is a list of Siraji Sacco branches in Kenya. Siraji is a SASRA-compliant society providing banking services and affordable credit facilities to all its members countrywide. It is one of the largest deposit-taking Saccos in Kenya with an asset base of 0.58 billion.

The sacco started in 1996 and has experienced immense growth in services provision to all its members. Currently, the sacco is offering financial services to employees, business community, farmers and groups.

The mission of the sacco is to facilitate savings and provide affordable products and services in an ethical, effective and efficient manner, for the welfare and sustainable development of members and their communities.


The sacco’s membership is mainly drawn from employees of horticultural farms in the Mt Kenya, Nairobi and Naivasha regions.

Applicants are required to complete the application for membership form which should be witnessed by an existing member. The applicant is required to attach a copy of National ID card. Kshs 100 is also required for registration.

Membership is open to the following individuals;

  • Any individual or group employed or engaged in the agricultural sector.
  • Former Siraji Sacco members and employees.
  • Immediate family members of persons qualifying for membership.

Siraji Sacco Products and Services

1. FOSA Credit Products

  • Endelea loan.
  • Karibu member.
  • Salary advance.

2. BOSA Credit Products

  • Quick loan.
  • Asset loan.
  • Mkulima loan.
  • Elimisha/ school fees loan.
  • Biashara loan.
  • Super development loan.
  • Development/ normal loan.
  • Trade financing/ LPO financing.
  • Group/ microfinance lending.

3. Savings Account Products

  • Salary savings account.
  • Junior savings account.
  • Jipange savings account.
  • Fixed deposit savings.
  • My chumz saving.
  • Holiday savings account.

4. Other Savings Products

  • Chama account.
  • Mkulima account.
  • Biashara account.
  • Institution account.

List Of Siraji Sacco Branches In Kenya

1. Head Office

Location: Timau Town, Along Nanyuki- Meru Road.

Contact: 0704 566 922.


2. Nanyuki Branch

Contact: 0796 389 336.

3. Naivasha Branch

Contact: 0790 610 999.

4. Isinya Branch

Contact: 0799 781 497.

5. Kibirichia Branch

Contact: 0757 397 047.

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