List of 13 Skyscrapers Under Construction that will define Nairobi’s Skyline

Building tall is becoming the defining feature of Nairobi, and while the scale of construction has had ups and downs along with the economy, buildings have always grown higher and higher. In the past several years, the trend has accelerated almost beyond imagining with a capital full of super-tall towers. Many are offices and apartments for the mega-rich, but even so, they will drastically alter the Nairobi skyline by 2021. Here are upcoming 13 Skyscrapers that should become some of the future’s most prominent Nairobi attractions.

List of 13 Skyscrapers Under Construction that will define Nairobi’s Skyline.

1. FCB Mihrab | Kilimani | 25 floors

2. Prism Tower | Upper Hill | 133m | 34 floors

3. Britam Tower | Upper Hill | 200m | 31 floors.

4. Hazina Trade Centre CBD 180m 38-40 floors by NSSF.

5. Le’Mac Westlands, 26 floors.

Sources say that the 24th floor will have a pool and the first ever skywalk in kenya which will go around the building.

6.The Montave | Upper Hill | 160m | 40 floors.

Some good number of trees have been sacrificed for this masterpiece.

7. One Africa Place Westlands 24 floors. Easily over 100m.

8. AVIC HQs in Westlands

The building will comprise a 43 floor office tower, 35 floor hotel and 28 floor/ 24 floor/ 28 floor/ 25 floor apartments.

9. 316 Upper Hill Chambers | 28 floors, Over 100m.

10. Parliament Tower in CBD. 125m 26 floors.

This shield-shaped block will include a tunnel connecting it to the current parliament building.

11. Tallest building in Africa! Hass Towers in Upper Hill, 300m/201m 67/45 fl

12. 88 Nairobi Tower on Bishops Road, Upper Hill |40 floors.

13. Kings Distinction | Hurlingham | 20 floors.

Highrise Residential just like 88 Nairobi Tower.

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