List Of Streets In Nairobi Where You Are Likely To Be Mugged In Broad Daylight

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has, by all means, tried to return back the lost glory and sanity of Nairobi. We may not see a change overnight but hey, let’s give credit where its due even though it is not 100% perfect. The capital city was stinking, with hawkers gambling for space with pedestrians on footpaths, street children all over town and muggers wrecking havoc on Nairobians but nowadays there is some little change to the narrative.

Security has been beefed up in places which were known hotspots for mugging but muggers adapt fast to the new environmental conditions and improvise new mugging techniques and survive either way. You can be still mugged in Nairobi if you are not careful.

Muggers pick on victims who are either naive or careless with their property or look just “appealing”. Expensive jewelry, phones on hands and laptop bags are some of the few things which usually put you up for ‘grabs’. Below are some of the streets where you are likely to be mugged in Nairobi which requires you to exercise extra caution while on these streets.

1. Tom Mboya Street

2. River Road

3. Racecourse Road

4. Jamia Mall lane

5. Tuskys Imara area

6. KTDA Moi Avenue

7. Kimathi Street

8. Ronald Ngala Street

9. Temple Road

10. Hatika Road

11. Railways Bus Terminus

12. Behind Nation Centre

13. Embassava bus stage

14. Luthuli Avenue

15. Accra Road

16. Muindu Mbingu

17. KFC

18. Taifa Road


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