List Of Student Friendly Bank Accounts In Kenya

When I joined campus, I so much wished to own a bank account but I was underage then. Immediately I got my ID, I went and opened a student account with Co-operative Bank and it has served me so well ever since, with no operating cost, no ledger fees and no maintenance balance.

Students need a bank account which favours them in all ways and below are some of the most student-friendly banks students should open an account.

1.Barclays Bank (Student account)
With this account, you don’t need to pay a maintenance fee for it to run. You also get a debit card after successful registration.

2.Equity Bank (Achievers Account)
This student account requires no account maintenance balance, no ledger fee, no opening balance, meaning you can open an account but you don’t necessarily need to deposit money immediately. The visa and master card is also discounted.

3.KCB Bank (Student Account)
With a flawlessly working internet banking and the ability to withdraw funds from more than 350 ATMs countrywide, students also get to enjoy an account with no monthly charges.

4.NIC Bank (Student Account)
The minimum operating balance is 1000 bob and that’s at least affordable for comrades.
They have no monthly fee for all the student account

5.Gulf African Bank (Taleb Students Account)
Taleb students account is a saving account specially designed for students with a minimum opening a balance of 500ksh.
There is no monthly fee when you open this account.

6.First Community Bank  (Student Account)
Its minimum opening balance is an affordable Ksh1000 plus you get a free ATM debit card. They too have no monthly operating fee.

7.National Bank (Student Account)
This account has no minimum balance requirement and no monthly fees hence it’s absolutely student friendly.

8. Co-operative Bank (Student Account)
With a Co-op account, you get a free ATM debit card, no maintenance fee, a minimum fee of ksh1000 and safe mobile banking.

John Nyabuto

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