List Of The Best Agribusiness Ventures In Kenya

This is a list of the best agribusiness ventures one can start in Kenya. Agriculture, as we all know, is the backbone of the country and it keeps growing each day as we consume agricultural products almost each and every day. We have listed for you some of the best agribusiness ventures in Kenya that can interest people who want to dive into or are already in the agribusiness sector.

1. Vegetable Farming

Vegetable farming, especially near urban areas, is a lucrative agribusiness venture. Vegetables are consumed on a daily basis and in large quantities hence this clearly shows there is a large market for your product. You can grow indigenous vegetables or the normal kales, spinach, cabbages, tomatoes, lettuce or any other type of vegetables you so wish and are comfortable at farming. Some of the ready markets for your vegetables can be open-air markets, selling to secondary sellers,  to supermarkets and even learning institutions like schools and colleges.

2.Fresh juice production

Fresh juice is as healthy as the business itself. It is even more lucrative if it is positioned properly for example in places with many people like Universities, parks or even malls to name a few of them. A glass of cold juice is refreshingly amazing and so does the profits as a 250ml glass of fresh juice goes for Ksh45-50 while that of 500ml goes for Ksh 60-100 considering the location.

3. Fish Farming

One thing I like about the fish business is that you get to make money at any time if not all time of the year, that’s if you have many fish ponds. It also takes less space and is not a tedious agricultural task like others. Fish demand never dwindles so that means the supply needs to be stable. Getting started in this business is not hard if you have the right information on what to do and what not to and you might spend much more when buying the fingerlings, paying for labour and the feeds for the fish.

4. Mushroom Farming

Mushroom farming is one of the most lucrative agribusiness ventures in Kenya. They are on high demand and stay on the shelves for long hence no worries about your produce going bad. Mushrooms take as short as two months to mature up and be ready for sale.A kilogram of mushrooms sells at Ksh 400-600 depending on where you get them from.

5. Dairy Farming

This is one farming area that needs no explanation as to why it is lucrative because it is rather self-explanatory but hey, I’m here to explain everything for you just like a grade one kid, ha. Many Kenyans cant do a day without a cup of tea and that explains exactly why this venture is lucrative because not many people have mastered the art of rearing cows perfectly for commercial milk production. Zero grazings come in handy here because it consumes less space, requires less labour tending to the cows but you must be ready to spend on the animal feeds. A litre goes for Ksh70. The initial costs will be a lot but trust me, the reward will be a lump sum.

6 Poultry Farming (Exotic & Kienyeji)

I was not going to list poultry farming because it is in a way flooded but then a friend sent me an article yesterday about how exotic poultry and indigenous birds farming is such a money-making venture. Normal poultry farming is kind of a blind leap as of now because it has been excessively saturated but exotic poultry farming and indigenous poultry or kienyeji as we popularly know it can help you make lots of money because kienyeji eggs go for Ksh 15-Ksh 25 while those from exotic birds sell for Ksh 30-Ksh50 per egg. Exotic and kienyeji meat is also more expensive and healthier.

7. Animal Feeds Production

Animal feeds production can look like a small venture but once it picks up and your distribution and market is ready, then money shall “come”. Almost all animals need animal feeds especially marsh. If you want to dive into this business, then having your own raw materials will be more profitable for example if you farm maize, you can use maize stalks, bad maize, beans barn or even maize cobs to make animal feeds and then add few additives which are necessary and sell your feeds as kienyeji.

8.Rabbit Farming

Rabbit meat is one of the best source of protein and healthier than other meats but why are we listing it here? it is because rabbit farming means more than just rabbit meat. Rabbit are also reared for their urine. which is then used as foliar fertiliser and biopesticide. Ten rabbits can be good for a start since a rabbit normally produces around 250ml of urine per day. You can also sell the urine to greenhouses because they use it as an insecticide and a litre of this urine goes for a cool Ksh 1200- 1400.

9. Goat Or Sheep Rearing

This kind of business doesn’t require a lot of labour and supervision and the products are many. If one has large tracts of land, then goat and sheep rearing will even be easier because the goats and sheep will be let out to graze and herded back into the evening. Goats can be reared for wool, meat and even milk while sheep can be reared for wool, mutton and milk too. Taking into consideration that you spend so less on these animals, their products are worth keeping.

10. Pig Farming

Pigs are the most efficient feed converters after broilers hence are best for pork production. They also reproduce very fast and grow fast too hence won’t have you waiting for too long for you to reap your profits.

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