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List Of The Best Somali Restaurants In Nairobi

Many Kenyans have gained so much interest in the Somali restaurants in Nairobi.  Somali restaurants, unlike other normal restaurants, give you a value for your money, in that the food served is more than enough and sweet, this is unlike the “peanuts” you usually get served at high-end restaurants which are usually overpriced.

There are many reasons why you should take your friends or family to a Somali restaurant and give them the treat of their lives. We sampled some of the best Somali/ Muslim restaurants in Nairobi and came up with the list below.

1. AL-YUSRA Restaurant

Located in Banda St in Nairobi’s CBD, Al-Yusra is, without doubt, the best Somali restaurant in Kenya. They offer Somali and Swahili cuisines and they also have an excellent service to their customers.

Their exciting ambiance creates just the right recipe for meetups while enjoying a meal. They do deliveries around Nairobi and if you have eaten enough while at their restaurant, you can carry home the rest.

2. Pronto Restaurant

Many people who have been to Pronto have fond memories of the meals they had at that restaurant. Located in the CBD near Stanley, you can go and quench your hunger for African, Chinese, Swahili and Somali Cuisine. They also have outdoor seating, free wifi, of course, and dyneins.

3.Faraja Fariji Catering Kenya

Fraja Fariji is located along Moi Avenue, Nairobi. They serve African, Continental, and Somali cuisine. They have some of the best halal meals in town. 

4.Kilimanjaro Jamia

Kilimanjaro Jamia is located in Kenwood House, Kimathi Street next to Jamia Mosque in the CBD and their main cuisines are African, Continental, Indian and Somali.

This restaurant is usually very busy and it may have you doubting the quality of the food but the food served here is just amazing. Kilimanjaro provides an exceptional ambience being in a busy food street.

5. Hamdi Restaurant

Hamdi has two branches within Nairobi, one is in the CBD called Jamia Central Hotel on Tubman road, and the other one is in South C. They mainly serve Somali Cuisine. Their food, service, ambience, and value for your money are on another whole different level.

Uptown foods and Zaytoon restaurants also offer exclusive African and Somali cuisines.

John Nyabuto

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