List Of The Best Stores To Buy Authentic Travel Bags In Kenya

Travel bags are just small suitcases which are used to carry clothing and accessories majorly for trips. These are some of the most important things for a traveller. Many of these travel bags are made of leather and offer an adequately enough space for a traveller to fit most of his/her stuff inside.

Travel bags can be found in almost each and every market but what differentiates genuine and fake travel bags is the place where you buy your bags from.

Here is a list for you which highlights some of the best stores which should be top on your list when shopping around for travel bags.

1. Jumia

Jumia has almost everything you need nowadays. If you are searching for travel bags whether genuine or generic, just go to the Jumia search bar and type travel bags or go check on the travel bags category and pick the best for yourself.

2. Denri Bags

Personally, I have a soft spot for Denri bags. Denri has got a good marketing team, the best designers around and the final product is obviously appealing. Other bags in their store are bucket bags, diaper/baby bags, duffle bags, laptop bags, school bags and travelling bags of course. The pricing of their travel bags ranges from Ksh 2000 – Ksh 3500 for single and combo travel bags.

Contact: 0703869724

3. Kamandora Designs

Kamandora makes many bag designs from monkey bags, baby bags, handbags, college/laptop bags and even travel bags. They perfectly blend both kitenge and leather to bring forth an authentically fine bag with a sweet African touch. Prices for their travel range from Ksh 2000 – Ksh 2500

Contact: 0723499628

4. Qali Bags Kenya

Qali bags are unique in their own way. Majority of them are made of canvas and come complete with trolleys and laptop bags inside them hence cut the cost of buying an extra laptop bag for your laptop. They simply add a touch of style to travel and these travel bags are ideal for both travel and business.

Contact: 0770886629

5. Tatu Designs Store Kenya

Tatu designs and makes and sells both travel and other all-purpose bags.  Their bags also have an authentic and African touch making them worth giving a second look. They sell for Ksh 2000 per piece

Contact: 0717111424

6.Nuria Store

Nuria is a fashion accessories and bag store and has a plethora of bags which a bag lover may have a hard choice choosing from. All the bags sold here are pure and genuine canvas and leather. The travel bags for ladies have a detachable leather sling. They also have spacious interior lined with black fabric and phone compartment in the inner front section.

Contact: 0729829697

7. LestyleParfait Kenya

Lestyleparfait is an online bag store which sells almost all types of bags one can ever want. There travel bags are majorly imported and others made locally hence a little bit expensive than other stores. A piece of a travelling bag can fetch from Ksh 3000 –  Ksh 6000 considering the type and the fabric.

8.Kings Collection

King’s Collection is one of the top players in the clothing industry as it provides a wide range of affordable and trendy products for the retail clothing market. Kings collection has a collection of various types of bags from school bags, Gym bags, shoulder bags, toiletry bags, camera bags, cooler bags, hydration bags, kit bags, laptop bags, laundry bags, travel bags to name just but a few. All their bags have a unique and conspicuous logo so don’t fall for fake bags being sold using Kings Collection’s name.

Contact: 0720203333 / 0733647444


9. Sweech Store

This is an online store which majorly sells electronic gadgets, car accessories, men and women fashion accesories, laptop bags, cases and sleeves, travel bags and rucksacks.


10. Impact Kenya

Impact Kenya is also another online shopping store and corporate branding service provider  which sells bags, bottles & Mugs, gift Sets, home decor, Desktop Items and electronic & accessories.

Contact:  0722710481/ 0737788130

You can also check on for some of the best travel bag prices in the Kenyan market.

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