List Of Cement Companies In Kenya

There are many cement companies in Kenya today, each trying to convince the public that they are the best.

We have seen multiple commercials of Cement companies run on our screens and we are just spoilt for choice. Today, we document cement companies in Kenya that you should consider when it comes to construction.

1. Bamburi Cement Company
Bamburi Cement was established in 1951 and is one of the top cement producers in Kenya. Bamburi is associated with the Nguvu brand and it controls a gigantic 40.5% of the Kenyan market share. LaFarge has a lot of shares in Bamburi

2. East African Portland Cement Company
Probably the oldest cement company in Kenya, East African Portland cement is the company behind the production of Blue Triangle cement. Major shareholders include Lafarge, The government and Bamburi.

3. ARM Africa Limited Company
ARM Africa Ltd formerly Athi River Mining Limited,  is another top cement producer boasting over 4.5 million customers across East Africa. In Kenya alone, it has a market share of more than 18.6% and it produces many other products but Rhino Cement is its major venture

4.Lafarge Cement Company
Lafarge is a foreign company that has invested heavily in cement production in Kenya. Lafarge adds up as one of the world’s largest cement producers. It runs more than 142 cement companies worldwide and is a major shareholder in many other Kenyan cement companies.

5. National Cement
The producer of Simba Cement is just 14 years old. It’s situated in Athi River in Machakos county and controls around 14.1% of the national share.

6. Mombasa Cement
A subsidiary of Tororo Cement, Mombasa Cement is the youngest cement producer in Kenya, only 9 years old.
Mombasa cement produces Nyumba cement and it controls 12.9% of the Kenyan market share, not bad for a start-up.

7. Savannah Cement
Based in Athi River, just metres from Kitengela town, Savannah cement produces Savannah cement and is only 10 years old in the competitive market.

John Nyabuto

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