List Of The Most Romantic Proposals In Kenya

Kenyan women have in the recent past shown their displeasure openly even in mainstream media with Kenyan men who they term as unromantic. Kenya is placed very low amongst the countries with the most romantic men in Africa.

But the fact is Kenyans are very romantic. From the public show of affection we have seen by many Kenyans, maybe we have surpassed many countries. Even though many of our very own women see us men as unromantic, some have gone overboard and proved cynics wrong that the unromantic we are a stereotype borne of watching too many soap operas if I may say. They have staged public and romantic shows of romance by staging romantic proposals just like the ones we only see on Western Movie films and soap operas.

After highlighting most romantic places to propose in Kenya a few day ago, today we list Kenyans who staged the most romantic proposals and caught the public eye.

1.  Lonina Leteipan’s Chopper Proposal

The year was 2015, May. These two love struck people were on a weekend getaway which was also a photoshoot for Sharon Mundia’s website, who is a fashion blogger. They went by chopper to the banks of crater lake where Lonina Leteipan went down on one knee and said the obvious but magical words…she said yes and they were one of the most enviable couples around until they broke up.

2. Richard Bett’s Birthday Proposal

Richard Bett had prepared a treat for her girlfriend during her birthday. After the cake cutting was over and they went aside for a photo shoot, Richard went on one knee and proposed to Monique, she said yes and was in for another surprise as she was gifted with a brand new convertible.


3. Comedian Terrence Mwangi’ Street Proposal

Terrence proposed to his longtime girlfriend Milly Chebet in a well-synchronized proposal. With the help of a friend, Millicent was tricked in a cop pulling you over prank and as she was out negotiating with the cop, FBI dancers and friends appeared with placards written “Will You Marry Me” and she had no choice.

4. Jacky B’s Proposal

Producer Jacky B pranked her girlfriend to a sweet proposal. They went for lunch in town and few minutes into their meal, three people came claiming that they had paid Jacky B Ksh 80,000 for an album which he never honoured to do the job. ‘Things’ seemed to go wrong as the “artist” even poured water on Jack B in anger, they called the police who whisked Jacky away. His girlfriend was visibly shocked and confused all at the same time. Minutes later, an acoustic melody of a romantic love song was heard as friends and even Jacky’s family came in….and it dawned on her on what was happening.

Jacky then came forth and went on one knee and she happily said yes.

5. GG’s Motorbike Proposal

GG’s motorbike proposal made a traffic standstill at the Hub’s Plaza. In a well-choreographed proposal, GG got all his biker friends, complete with printed t-shirts. The bikers then gathered and formed a heart shape with the words “Will you marry me ” written on the back of the t-shirts. Many people were late that day at home due to the traffic but hey…it was worth it.

6. Anthony Samba’s Airport Proposal

Anthony brought business to a standstill at JKIA when he proposed to his girlfriend Getty Nthiiri back in 2016. Getty, just after her flight was welcomed back with an unexpected proposal. There was a band to set the right mood up and she happily said yes, in tears of joy of course.

7. Proposals On Churchill Show

A good number of people have proposed to the love of their lives on Churchill show in the full glare of the camera. They coordinate with the team running the show and pull out unexpected yet romantic proposals which one cant just refuse to say yes.

An example of Soila Tracy Munyau, police officers stormed to the stage in the middle of the show, ordered for the cameras to be put off as they were looking for a suspect, Tracy. She came forward confused and shaken, her boyfriend came forward in her defence to ask what exactly was going on…and in that confusion, he went on one knee and proposed to the shocked Soila.

8. Curtis’ Swimming Pool Proposal

Curtis did a crazy but one of the most romantic proposals I have ever seen. He coordinated with the hotel manager to come up with the perfect prank, actually he pranked everybody who came for dinner. Three couples were to be told they have won a gift but to get it, one was to dance Lingala, the other to climb a tree to get it and Curtis to go and personally get his gift from a swimming pool. Curtis jumped into the pool with tuxedo and shoes on and got the gift, came out and opened it with his friends anxiously waiting to see what it was, upon opening it up, it was a ring and he was already on one knee…

9. Mwasigwe Mwendwa’s KICC proposal

Mwendwa had at first wanted to put up a billboard along Thika road just as Eric Omondi did but found it rather expensive, so he went for the easier but memorable way, he invited his girlfriend Elizabeth to his sisters’ concert at KICC and proposed to her with romantic music from the band playing in the background and she said yes.


John Nyabuto

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