List Of The Worst Ferry Accidents In Kenya

This is a list of the worst ferry accidents in Kenya. Ferry accidents might not be as frequent as car accidents but when they happen, they leave a trail of terror and disaster in their wake.

Many of the ferry accidents we have heard of or seen are majorly caused by congestion or mechanical problems. The constant breakdown of ferries at the Port of Mombasa, for example, due to burst fuel pipes and further usage of the same ferries without proper servicing has put many people’s lives at a great risk.

Here are the worst ferry accidents to ever happen in Kenya in which many lives were lost and property worth millions lost.

1. Mtongwe Ferry Accident – 1994

Arguably the worst maritime disaster in Kenyan history, the MV Mtongwe ferry accident happened on April 29, 1994. MV Mtongwe was bound for the mainland when it capsized just 40 meters from the port. 400 people were on board against the capacity of 300 people when the incident occurred and only 128 people made through the killer channel and  272 people died on that day, the highest number to be ever recorded as far as maritime disasters are concerned. So grave was the disaster that even songs were composed about the incidents and are being listened to to date.

The Kenya Ferries Service (KFS) has not compensated all the people affected up to date.

The Scene of the Mtongwe ferry tragedy in 1994


2. Likoni Channel Accident

It was a normal Tuesday morning on January 29, 2013, pedestrians were boarding the ferry when disaster struck. A truck rammed into ferry users in Likoni Killing 11 passengers driver of the truck that rammed into ferry users. The deadly accident left 11 people dead and scores of others in critical conditions.


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