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List Of Things To Pack For A Safari In Kenya

In this article, we are going to take you through the things you need to pack for a safari in Kenya. Your packing list is greatly determined by the location of safari, nature of safari, the purpose of the safari and activities you plan to undertake while on safari.

It is advisable that you pack light or carry items that are light in weight for the purposes of not exceeding your baggage allowance. One of the perfect bags for a safari is the outbreaker travel backpack which is easily portable and has plenty of room for essentials. Here is a list of what to pack for a safari in Kenya.

General safari parking

1.Travel documents and money guidance

In case you are a foreigner travelling to Kenya for a safari, you need to have your travel documents intact. Have your passport and visa ready for inspection. Ensure you also have the following with you;

  • Return tickets
  • Medical and travel insurance documents
  • Contacts of close relatives that can be contacted in case of an emergency
  • Credit cards and some cash.

2.Clothing and footwear

Ensure you pack the necessary clothing and footwear. This includes;

  • A pair of walking boots, hiking boots or trail runners if planning walking safaris or hiking activities
  • Swimming costumes or beachwear
  • Clothes for variable temperatures like a rain jacket, long sleeved shirts to keep away mosquitoes
  • Shorts, light trousers, short sleeved shirts/t-shirts for the daytime.
  • A hat or  cap to protect you from the scorching sun
  • Apair of running shoes, socks.

3.Medication/first aid kit

  • Antimalarial drugs, painkillers e.t.c
  • Anti-allergy antihistamines
  • Sun protection lotion/cream
  • Mosquito/insect repellent
  • Anti-septic ointments


It is important to pack basic toiletries like;

  • Toilet roll
  • Deodorants
  • Hand sanitizers, soap e.t.c
  • Oral ointments
  • Wet wipes

5.Gadgets and electronics

  • A flashlight or headlamp
  • A camera and extra camera batteries
  • Converters
  • Power adapter
  • Chargers
  • Binoculars
  • Film/flash card memory for your camera and other electronic gadgets.


  • A notebook and pen
  • A diary
  • A novel or book to keep you entertained

7.Other personal effects

Remember to carry plenty of water and snacks if possible.

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