List Of Tier 2 Banks In Kenya

This is a list of all tier 2 banks in Kenya. The Central Bank Of Kenya has classified commercial banks in Kenya into three categories; Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.  This classification is based on a weighted index of all their net assets, capital, reserves, customer deposits, number of loans and deposit accounts.

According to the latest Bank Supervision Annual Report from the Central Bank Of Kenya, eight commercial banks are categorised as Tier 2 (medium group). These banks command a combined market share of 16.29%.

List Of Tier 2 Banks In Kenya

Bank Market Share
1 Bank of Baroda (K) 3.1 %
2 Citibank N.A. Kenya 2.5 %
3 National Bank of Kenya  2.3%
4 Bank of India 2.1%
5 Prime Bank  2.1%
6 Family Bank 1.9%
7 Ecobank Kenya 1.2%
8 SBM Bank 1.1 %

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