List Of Times U Sacco Branches In Kenya

This is a list of Times U Sacco branches in Kenya. Times U, formerly Uruku Rural Sacco Society, is a deposit-taking Sacco established in 1993. It was formed to cater for the needs of individuals from the Uruku community.

Time U Sacco membership stands at over 30,000, with members drawn from various professions and statuses ranging from farmers to business persons and salaried employees.

The Sacco is purely a community-based Sacco and has an open membership in the general public. Anybody can be a member, whether in business, farming, civil service or employee in the private sector.

Times U Sacco Products

1. BOSA Products

  • Development loan.
  • Growth enterprise loans.
  • Boda boda loans.
  • Jitegemee loan.
  • Majani loan.
  • Tank loan.
  • Afya njema loan.
  • Education loan.
  • Maziwa plus loan.
  • Kilimo bora loan.
  • Emergency loan.
  • Tender loan.
  • Inuka na mshahara loan.
  • NHIF loan
  • Crop advance loan.
  • Pesa ulipo.
  • Maziwa loan.

2. FOSA Services

  • Biashara account.
  • Group account.
  • Haba na haba account.
  • Timers junior account.
  • Hekima account.
  • Savings account.
  • Special deposit account.
  • Mobile banking.
  • Sacco link ATM service.
  • Agency banking services. (Cooperative bank agency, Post bank agency and Equity agency).

3. Insurance Products

  • Biashara salama product.
  • Sacco assurance.

4. Non-financial Products/ Services

  • Safe custody.
  • Training.
  • Study tours.
  • Exchange programs.

List Of Times U Sacco Branches In Kenya

1. Head Office

Location: Nkubu Town, Imenti South, Along Meru-Nairobi Highway, Opposite Nkubu Police Station.

Contacts: 0703 770 457, 0703 769 923.


2. Mitunguu Branch

Contact: 0708 955 481.

3. Kariene Branch

Contact: 0703 766 509.

4. Githongo Branch

Contact: 064 505 1191.

5. Makutano

Contact: 0795 019 962.

6. Timau Branch

Contact: 064 51191.

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