List Of Top 10 Best Music Schools in Kenya

Louis Armstrong once said “Music is life itself. What would this world be without good music? No matter what kind it is.” Music is a well-known therapy that soothes your soul and mind. Music has healing power. Good music, however, requires skill and talent. To have the skills required in order to make a kill, you must acquire the knowledge required. This article outlines top music schools in Nairobi to enroll. Let’s dive in!

1.Kamata School of Music
Kamata School of Music is one of the best music schools in Kenya. Their training includes voice coaching, music instruments, DJ and music production. Their instruments training include guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, violin among others. Kamata school of music is located along Moi Avenue Nairobi CBD.
Phone+254 700 070 707 / 0 722 137 784

2. Music Inn International School Of Music
Music Inn is located at Southern House along Nginda street opposite Meridian Hotel. Their training range from audio recording, DJ, video production, mixing and mastering. Music inn also does instruments trainingi.e guitar, piano, and violin.
Call +254 705 816 968/ +254 722 492 471

3. Wynton House of music
This is a premier music school that offers training to quite a wide array of musical instruments i.e piano, guitar, trumpet, saxophone, violin, clarinet, ukelele, drums among others. Music production training is also available. Wynton House of music has 3 branches; Yaya centre, Village Market and Mountain Mall
Website –
Yaya Centre (3rd floor) – Cell: 0736 298719/ 0715 188 148
Village Market (1st Floor) – Cell: 0713 908 411
Mountain Mall (3rd Floor) – Cell: 0715 177 556
Consultation Services – Email:

4. Kenya Conservatoire of Music
Kenya Conservatoire of Music is a nonprofit music school that has been in operation since 1944. The conservatoire is situated at the Kenya Cultural Centre and has two campuses; South B at The GoDown Arts Centre and Westlands. Students can train from a variety of musical instruments including violin, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, drum kit, guitar and piano
Telephone Number: 0720 962288
Telephone Number 2: 0737 227 903
Email Address:
College Website:

5. Sonata School of Music
Founded in 2003, Sonata provides professional training and coaching in saxophone, piano, guitar, trumpet, violin, clarinet, flute, music theory and music production. The school is located along 22 School Lane in Westlands.
Phone: 0799400803

6. Sauti Academy
Sauti academy is nonetheless one of the fast rising music schools in Kenya. The school not only trains music students but also nurtures them through auditions, offering private music lessons, organizing music events and many others. Sauti Academy courses and training programs include piano, guitar, song writing techniques, voice coaching, performances among others. The academy also features Sauti Kids being music training for children. Sauti Academy is located at Shalom House, St Daniel Comboni Rd, Nairobi.
Call – +254 728086494

7. Five Star Nairobi School of Music
Just as its name suggests Five Star Nairobi School of Music is ultimately one of the best music schools in Nairobi. The school, situated in Development House, Moi Avenue offers professional training in keyboard, guitar, saxophone, piano, drums, violin, DJ, VJ and music production both audio and video. The academy is open to all music lovers and no academic qualification is required to join any class.
Call: 0722 831647

8. Goshom Music School
Goshom offers courses in guitar, piano, saxophone, voice coaching, violin, deejaying and veejaying. All the courses are taught by experienced instructors. The school is located at View Park Towers 20th Floor along Utalii lane.
Call: 0720 128369

9. The Invisible Crown Music 

It’s located along Vihiga Road in Nairobi. They offer three programs; music, dance, and drama. This involves private instrument lessons, private voice lessons, ballet, contemporary and adult dance. They also offer training in public speaking and acting.

Phone : +254 786 325 085 / +254 20 2085419 / +254 729 200 560


Website :

10. Kigame Music Academy

It was established in 2013 by veteran musician Reuben KigameThe school which is located in Eldoret offers training in songwriting, instruments; piano, guitar, drums, and percussion.  They also offer training in audio and video production.

Call: 0721 971 971/ 0733 971 971

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