List Of Top 10 Countries Where Wealthy Kenyans Own Property

Majority of Kenya’s high net worth individuals or rather the wealthy have an unquenchable thirst for real estate investment. In an earlier article, we wrote about some of the major revenue streams for the wealthy Kenyans and Real Estate was top on the list. That summarizes why these wealthy Kenyans love investing in Real estate. They have not only invested in Kenya but all over the world, I mean there is no boundary money can’t make you cross.

This list shows some of the top 10 foreign property ownership locations for wealthy Kenyans according to the latest report by Knight Frank.

Location                                                       % Of Wealthy Kenyans Owning Properties Here

1. The United Kingdom                                                              56%

2. The United States                                                                   33%

3. South Africa                                                                             19%

4. France                                                                                       16%

5. Germany                                                                                   15%

6. India, Australia                                                                       12%

7. Sweden, Italy                                                                           10%

8. Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Uganda                           9%

9. Norway                                                                                     7%

10. Spain                                                                                       6%

John Nyabuto

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