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List Of Top 10 Highest Mountains In Kenya

This is a list of the top 10 highest mountains in Kenya. Kenya is home to over 20 mountains which are located in different parts of the country. The mountains range from high mountains to low-height mountains which offer perfect opportunities for hiking and sightseeing.

Below is a list of the ten tallest mountains in Kenya.

1. Mount Kenya

It is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second-highest in Africa. It has an elevation of 5,199 m. Mount Kenya has three peaks, Batian, Nelion and Point Lenana. Batian is the mountain’s highest peak. The mountain lies within Mount Kenya National Park which is a wildlife haven.

Image © Shaun Mousley

2. Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon has an elevation of 4,321 m. It is an extinct shield volcano that is located on the Kenya-Uganda boundary. The mountain has five peaks, Wagaga, Sudek, Koitobos, Mbuiyi and Masaba, with the largest peak being Wagaga which elevates to about 14,177 feet.

3. Mount Satima

Mount Satima has an elevation of 4,001 m, which is the highest elevation among the Aberdare mountain ranges. The mountain serves as Ndakaini dam’s major water catchment area. Ndakaini dam is actually the main source of water for millions of Nairobi residents.

4. Mount Kinangop

It has an elevation of 3,906 m. It serves as one of the key attractions in Nyandarua County. It lies within the Aberdare National Park which is home to different species of birds and wildlife such as lions, antelopes, buffalos, gazelles, hyenas, leopards and snakes.

Image © boskovicaircharters.com

5. Mount Mtelo

It is the fifth highest mountain in Kenya, with an elevation of 3,336 m. It is believed to be a holy mountain and the cradle of the Pokot people. It serves as a sacred worship place for the local community living within the mountain’s vicinity.

Image ©hikemaniak | Twitter

6. Mount Eburru

The mountain is located in Nakuru County and has an elevation of 2,856 m. It serves as a main water catchment area with several streams flowing from the mountain. It offers amazing opportunities for hiking, bird watching and sightseeing adventures.

Image © stellamarismega | Twitter

7. Mount Ngiro

Mount Ngiro has an elevation of 2,848 m. It is located in Northern Kenya and overlooks the Suguta Valley that is inhabited by the Samburu people who are pastoralists.

Image ©African Ascents, rick_irvine

8. Mount Longonot

It has an elevation of 2,776 m. It is a dormant volcano that is characterized by vents and holes at its top point. It is surrounded by dense forests and the spectacular Mount Longonot National Park.

9. Mount Suswa

It is a shield volcano located in the Great Rift Valley, in the counties of Narok and Kajiado. It has an elevation of 2,356 m. The mountain is known for its lava tubes and a unique double crater.

Image © Trivettravelske

10. Mount Silali

Mount Silali is a dormant volcano located in the Gregory Rift Valley, near Kapedo. It has an elevation of 2,355 m. It is the largest caldera volcano in the Gregory Rift Valley. The mountain’s pre-caldera development began with pyroclasts and peralkaline trachyte lavas.

Images © I_AM_THE_OVO and Andreas Fox | Twitter
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