List Of Top 10 Insurance Companies In Kenya

Today we list top 10 insurance companies in Kenya. Currently, there are a total of 51 insurance companies, 180 brokers, 6,417 agents and 19 bancassurance providers in Kenya. The Insurance market is mainly dominated by intermediaries where the agents have 57% of premiums, brokers 28% and the companies 15% of the market. The general insurance segment is still the larger than the life business, contributing KSh 112 billion (65%) of the total premium.

Jubilee Insurance Company Limited has continued to lead the market locally and in East Africa with 11% of the Kenyan premiums market followed by APA Insurance Company at 8.3% market share.

Here are Top 10 Insurance Companies In Kenya in order of the percentage of premiums they hold 

1 Jubilee 10.85
2 APA 8.25
3 BRITAM 7.25
4 CIC 7.07
5 UAP 7.04
6 ICEA Lion 5.02
8 AAR 3.90
9 GA 3.86
10 AIG 3.51

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