List Of Top 10 Kenyan Diaspora News Websites That You Should Visit

The number of Kenyan diaspora websites has continued to rise over the past recent years and this can be easily attributed to the ever-increasing number of Kenyans going abroad to look for greener pastures and education. On this article, we have highlighted websites where you can find vital information about what’s going at your respective country that is Kenyan related i.e upcoming Kenyan events, Jobs, Classifieds, investments opportunities, obituaries and live streams for television stations back in Kenya.

Without further ado, here are top 10 Kenyan diaspora websites that every Kenyan abroad should be visiting.

1. Mwakilishi

This arguably the leading Kenyan diaspora news website. It was formed in 2009 and since then has grown to be one of the most reputable websites you can trust for news about Kenyans in the United States.

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2. Diaspora Messenger

As their name goes by, they publish Kenyan and diaspora news on their website daily which widely covers on current affairs, obituaries, and job openings.

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3. Jambonewspot

Jambonewspot which was started by Antony Karanja has been serving Kenyans in the diaspora since 2009.It mainly highlights news concerning Kenyans in various states in the United States. They also write about obituaries, Kenyan events updates in the USA, live TV for Kenyan TV stations, and hookups.

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4.Samrack Media

This is one of the oldest Kenyan diaspora websites that was founded in 2007 by Sam Mwaura. They basically provide news and updates for Kenyan in the USA.

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5. Jamhuri News

Founded in 2016 by Thuo Anthony,  Jamhuri News has grown to become one of the most read website by Kenyan in the diaspora; the majority being from the United States of America.

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6. Ajabu Africa

Ajabu Africa was started in 2014 by Harison Maina and it’s based in the United States. Like any other diaspora news website, Ajabu Africa writes about news about Kenyan in abroad majorly in the USA, obituaries and a directory of businesses and churches.

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7. Kenya Stockholm Blog

Kenya Stockholm Blog which is popularly known as KSB was founded back in 2008 and it mainly focuses on writing about news of Kenyans in Sweden and diaspora in general. This website is owned by Okoth Osewe.

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8. Mkenya Ujerumani

This was website was started way back in 2012 with an aim to inform Kenyans about the opportunities available in Germany. Today, they write about entertainment news, obituaries, scholarships, internship opportunities for Kenyans in Germany, job vacancies, and investment opportunities.

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9. Kenyans In France Blog

This is a Kenyan diaspora website dedicated to providing news about Kenyans in France. They write about Kenyan events in France, facilitate French exchange, and job opportunities. Basically, they connect Kenyans in France.

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10.Wakenya Canada

This website which was started back in 2015 writes news about Kenyans in Canada, orbituary announcements, event updates, and immigration news.

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