List of Top 10 Most Populated Counties in Kenya 2018

As of  February 2018, the current population of Kenya is estimated at 50,437,821 based on the latest United Nations estimates. The recent research from  UN says that Kenya’s population grows by around 1 million per year – 3,000 people every day – over the next 40 years and will reach about 85 million by 2050.

The rapid population growth in Kenya has been attributed to high fertility rates in the previous decades which has been backed up by improvement in health facilities and increase in life expectancy. Today, we have listed 10 Most Populated Counties in Kenya according to the data.

List of 10 Most Populated Counties in Kenya

  County Population
1 Nairobi       4,390,158


2 Nakuru       2,283,595


3 Kakamega       2,125,774


4 Bungoma       2,087,733


5 Kiambu       1,902,528


6 Meru       1,653,323


7 Wajir       1,538,538


8 Kilifi       1,476,975


9 Garissa       1,448,168


10 Kisii       1,418,457


Data Source

Victor Matara

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