List of Top 10 Poorest Countries in Africa

Africa is a home to 54 countries which makes it the world’s second-largest and second most-populous continent. However, this is also home to the poorest countries in the world despite the richness of natural resources. Today, we are going to look at the top 10 poorest countries in Africa as of 2018 by GDP per capita according to the World Bank.

1.  Burundi

GDP Per capita: 285.73 USD

2. Malawi

GDP per capita: 300.79 USD

3. Niger

GDP  per capita: 363.23 USD

4. Mozambique

GDP per capita:: 382.07 USD

5. The central African Republic

GDP Per capita: 382.21 USD


6. Madagascar

GDP per capita: 401.32 USD

7. The Democratic Republic of Congo 

GDP per capita: 444.51 USD

8. Liberia

GDP per capita: 455.37 USD

9. The Gambia

GDP Per Capita: 473.19 USD


10. Guinea 

GDP per capita: 508.15 USD

Victor Matara

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