List Of Top 10 Popular Fashion Show Weeks In Kenya

This is a list of top 10 popular fashion show weeks in Kenya. Just like culture, fashion is diverse, in-depth and involving. Fashion has become a character, a personality that some people would love to identify themselves with daily. It’s your right to look good, whether you rock mtumba or tailor-made. All fashion enthusiasts, designers you name it all love to have a moment together where they can integrate, bond, share, learn and have much fun. If you wanna join the bandwagon, here is a list of most popular fashion events in Kenya where you can meet folks and delve deeper into the fashion world.

1.Nairobi Fashion Week

The crème de la crèmes get to showcase their creative pieces. Ideally, fashion designers get to show off their latest collections in the runways as a form of an exhibition to attract clients. Nairobi Fashion Week is usually held at Nairobi International Convention and Conference Centre, running late in November.

2. Fashion Couture Affair

An artistic foreplay of the runway, open fashion marketplace, spoken word, and music can be best experienced at this fashion event. Nairobi Railways Museum where you get to experience this couture, learning, and borrowing from the masters themselves. This event is scheduled to occur in early December.

3. Kenya Fashion Award

In honor of Kenyan talent, Kenya Fashion Week was established. Basically, influential people in the fashion industry are recognized and appreciated, and the growth of the fashion industry is celebrated. From writers, photographers, designers, exhibitors are always in attendance. The venue is Alliance Francaise

4. Tribal Chic

Held annually at Tribe Hotel at around 14th December, this event attracts thousands of artists, designers to come showcase their talent. It accommodates both local and international fashionistas. It was founded with an aim of helping the less fortunate in the society.

5. Fashion High Tea Show

From high profile guests, personalities, designers to make-up artists are always in attendance. Held at Zen Garden on 3rd March, the event was flocked with fashionistas who were anxious to show the world what they got. The event was in support of people with disabilities in the society.

6. Entrepreneur Fashion Week

Register right away if you are a designer or exhibitor. The event will be going down at Two Rivers Mall, from 4th to 6th May this year. Core areas will be entrepreneur trade shows, entrepreneur master class, entrepreneur fashion show.

7. Brad’s Fashion Show

This is an annual event held at Michael Joseph organized by Brian Robert to showcase the works of Kenyan fashion, giving them a voice and a place in the market.
8. Luxury Inflight Fashion Show.
Thanks to Wambua Mukenyi, in partner with champagne house Moet and Chandon, we now have a luxury bridal line, where different designers get to showcase their different wedding gowns for clients to be able to choose from when buying.

9. Kenya Worldwide Fashion Week

Here, local and international designers are given a chance to showcase their original haute couture pieces. It has held 7 editions so far.

10. Core Fashion Kenya Show

With the aim of promoting local talent to penetrate the international market, Linda Murithi CEO of In The Bag saw the opportunity to give fashion industry a voice. Core Fashion Kenya is held at Tribe Hotel to nurture, celebrate and unify local talent fashion icons.

  • 10. Turkana Fashion Week

Founded by Ignatius Wafula, Turkana Fashion Week aims to recreate Turkana culture using fashion beyond Kenya. It has received international recognition from the likes of Ajuma Nasenyana.


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