List of Top 5 online investment ideas in Kenya

The internet has made most human activities easier. Most transactions in modern society have been transferred to online platforms as a result of the invention of the internet. Therefore, those of us living in the 21st century have the advantage of leveraging the internet. For example, it is now easier to invest in online businesses if you have the knowledge of how to go about it. As a result, I have created this list of top 5 online investment ideas in Kenya to save as a guide for those who want to leverage on the internet.

The top 5 online investment ideas in Kenya are:

  • The stock market
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Freelancing
  • Web development
  • Forex trading
  1. The stock market

Stock markets are avenues where people, investors, and other institutions buy and sell shares in public avenues. Stock markets provide an excellent opportunity for people who would like to invest online. However, investing in stock markets is risky and needs extensive research and knowledge before investing in it. Moreover, you need to know some of the crucial factors to consider before investing.

The idea behind trading in the stock market is that you buy and sell these stocks with fluctuating markets. Therefore, with the relevant knowledge in analyzing the stock market, you buy shares at low prices, hold them for a given period as you capitalize on changes in the market. When the prices go high, you sell the shares, thus making a profit. In Kenya, the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) provides an excellent platform for those who want to trade in the stock market. NSE is the leading stock trading market in East Africa and is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority. Therefore, if you decide to invest in stocks under the NSE markets, you are sure that your investment is safe.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another online investment idea common in Kenya. Affiliate marketing is a type of business where you generate traffic to a merchant that can be running an e-commerce store using your affiliate link. This is an investment idea because you will need an avenue to drive traffic to the merchant. In most cases, you might need a niche website. Therefore, you will spend some money to create the website.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent online investment idea in Kenya enabling people to earn passive income. When you refer traffic to the merchant’s website, you are paid a commission on all the sales generated through your affiliate link. In most cases, the commission rates are between 5% to 15%. However, before joining affiliate marketing, you should understand internet marketing. The reason for this is that your earning will depend on the sales you make. Therefore, the more the sales, the higher the commission.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that it is passive income. Passive income means that you will be earning whether you work or not, provided your internet marketing skills are excellent. The most common merchants that allow affiliate marketing in Kenya are Amazon and Jumia.   

  1. Freelancing

Freelancing is another booming online investment idea in Kenya. Freelancers are mostly self-employed people, however, they can also be hired by companies. In this case, most companies hire freelancers on a short-term basis. Some of the freelancing jobs one can do in Kenya include academic writing and copywriting. Academic writers guide and assess online work for students. In most cases, academic writers get their clients from Universities in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

To invest in Academic writing, you will need to purchase the sites where these jobs are posted. You need as little as Ksh. 30,000 to get these platforms. On the other hand, copywriters are freelancers who write for websites and product review companies. After getting trained as a copywriter, you will need to invest some money in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get clients.

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  1. Web Development

As stated earlier, most transactions in the modern era are being made online. Most businesses in this generation need a website to operate online. However, most people do not have the relevant skills to develop a website. Therefore, if you become a web developer, you will be providing services to many people and companies. You will need to invest in a short course to get the hands-on skills on how to go about website development. Moreover, you will spend some money promoting your business as it is your investment.

  1. Forex Trading

Forex trading is another legal online investment idea in Kenya. Online forex trading is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya. The number of forex traders in the country is steadily growing due to the availability of the internet and knowledge.

To invest in forex trading, you will need to get a licensed Forex broker. The most common licensed FX brokers in Kenya are EGM Securities, Scope Markets, Pepperstone, and Exinity Group (FXTM). However, before investing in forex trading, you should get trained by a specialist or attend any forex academy in the country. Forex trading is quite expensive and you will need proper financial education to cushion your family from any shortcoming. You will need to develop a family budget to know how much will be spent investing in forex.

Expert Tip: Forex trading is quite risky and it needs experienced people. If you decide to trade forex without the relevant knowledge, you might lose your entire investment. So, purpose to get educated first.

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