List Of Top Political Analysts In Kenya

We are fresh from an electioneering period and the prolonged electioneering period stretched our fragile economy to its limits. The private sector lost more than ksh700 billion; a huge amount with this current tough economic times.

Well, that aside, during the electioneering period, our screens were always airing everything politics…from interviews to discussion panels, to political analysts giving their different political views about the then political situation. Political analysts gave us different dimensions of how the situation was, what was likely to happen after elections and what it meant to go for a run-off.

They gave us a basic lecture of what was ailing our political platform and even now, political analysts are usually called upon by media houses to break down further what the public needs to understand clearly about matters of politics. During the electioneering period, we saw and heard hundred of political analysts in both print and broadcast media. Everyone can be a political analyst if they have a good mastery of political history and current political situation but not all of them make good political analysts.

In no particular order, here is a list of the top political analysts in Kenya who need no special introduction because of their vocal selves.

Have a look:

1. Mutahi Ngunyi

2. Tony Gachoka

3.Miguna Miguna

4. Barrack Muluka

5. Edward Kisiangani

6. Herman Manyora

7. Bobby Mwakangi

8. Herman Manyora

9. Dismas Mokua

10. Joshua Kiptoo

11. Gabriel Mutuma

12. Charles Kanjama

13. Mohamed Wehliye

14. Dunstan Omari

15. Evans Wafula

16. James Njoroge

17. Javas Bigambo

18.Nerima Wako

19. Patrick Lumumba

20. Wanjiru Gikonyo

21. Martin Oloo

22. David Osiany

John Nyabuto

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