List Of Top Brains Behind Willy Paul’s Hit Songs

This is a list of top brains that have been behind Willy Paul’s hit songs since his music debut in 2010. Wilson Abubakar Radido, better known as Willy Pozze, is arguably one of the biggest artistes in Kenya. Willy Paul grew up in the sprawling slums of Mathare but conquered it all to become one of the most sought-after artiste in East Africa. He is a perfect reflection of rags to riches story.

Despite the controversies that have surrounded his musical career, he has steadily dominated the entertainment industry in Kenya, winning numerous awards, both local and international. Some of the awards he has won include; Groove Awards, Mwafaka Awards, Pulse Music Video Awards, AFRIMMA Awards and Talanta Awards which is a US-based award. Some of the hit songs that have ushered him to the global limelight include; Jigi Jigi, Mmh ft Rayvanny, Yes I do ft Alaine, Tam Tam remix, Njiwa, Fanya, Take it Slow and Pili Pili remix featuring Harmonize.

Here are some of the notable people who have positively contributed to Willy Paul’s success and notable hit songs.

1.Teddy B

He is one of the most decorated music producers in Kenya. He produces both Gospel and secular music. He has his own recording studio called signature scope records. He has produced almost all of Willy Paul’s hit songs. Some of the hit songs he has produced include; Yes I do which features Alaine, Tam tam remix which features size 8, Malingo and Murder. He is also behind the newly released Njiwa which Willy Paul has featured Nandy from Tanzania. The song had garnered over 200,000 youtube views in less than 2 days.

2.Bizzy B

Bizzi B is a veteran Gospel producer who has been in the industry since the days of Gospel fathers. He has his own stable called S-bar International. He has played a pivotal role in Willy Paul’s career. Some of Willy Paul’s hit songs he has produced include; Jigi jigi which has over 5 million views on youtube, Fanya which earned Willy Paul a spot as Hassan Joho‘s campaigner, the controversial song Digiri which sent tongues wagging in the Gospel fraternity.

3.Sammy Dee

He is a former musician with the award-winning group called B.M.F.He quit singing to focus on video production. He has his own video production company called True-D pictures. Sammy Dee has directed almost all of Willy Paul’s award-winning songs which include; Jigi jigi which was partly shot in the US, Tam Tam featuring size 8, Yes I do featuring Alaine, Murder and Digiri.

4.Jeffa Flex

Jeffa Flex is Willy Paul’s official manager. He used to work with System Unit before he joined Willy Paul as a manager. Jeff has played a key role in the overall image branding of Willy Paul. He is in charge of logistics and handling work contracts with potential clients.

5.Flamers dance crew

This is a crew consisting of six members who grew up in Kayole. They are Willy Paul’s official dancers. They are the ones who come with the various dance styles to be featured in Willy Paul’s hit songs. They have featured in various songs such as; Tiga Wana, Fanya, Digiri, Jigi jigi and Malingo.

6.DJ Mo

DJ MO is one of Willy Paul’s closest buddies. He started supporting Willy Paul way back while he was still an artiste with his entertainment stable called system unit. He featured in one of Willy paul’s song called Tam tam remix as the main face of the video, alongside size 8 who is his wife. He has also played part in pushing Willy Paul’s songs in various media houses.

7.Willy M Tuva

He is a reknowned radio presenter with Radio citizen, hosting the popular show called Mambo Mseto which plays strictly East African music. He has been Willy Paul’s key link to international artistes like Diamond and Harmonize. He introduced Willy Paul to the Tanzanian market several years ago after he released his hit single called Lala Salama. Tuva also provided a key boost to Willy Paul after picking him as one of the artistes in his monthly shows called Mseto campus tour which traverses various universities across the country.

8.Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna

These are Willy Paul’s spiritual parents. They own a church called JCC which has been the spiritual home of Willy Paul. Willy Paul also drew inspiration for his hit song Tam tam from this lovely couple which never shies away from publicly flaunting their love life.

9.J Blessing

J Blessing is a top video director in the country. He is the first person who discovered Willy Paul and signed him to his label, Link Video Global. He catered for Willy Paul’s first single called Rabuka, and played a key role in linking Willy Paul with Gloria Muliro . The two released the hit single called Sitolia which introduced Willy Paul to the entertainment industry, more so in Kenya and Tanzania. He produced Willy Paul’s video for the song You Never know.

10.Young Wallace

Young Wallace is a top video director in the country. He has his video company called convex media. He was the main producer for Willy Paul’s videos before the emergence of Sammy Dee. Some of Willy Paul’s videos he has directed include;Kwa vile,he co-produced Tam tam alongside Sammy Dee,Missi and Lala Salama.

11.Gloria Muliro

Gloria Muliro is a multiple award-winning Gospel star known for her hit songs such as; Follow You, Msaidizi, Ndio Yako and Mpango Wa Kando. She is Willy Paul’s role model and mentor in the Gospel industry. Willy Paul’s instant fame can be attributed to Gloria, after they collaborated to release the hit single Sitolia. Willy Paul and Gloria Muliro have collaborated on two other singles,Kitanzi and Sijafika, which won awards for the best collaboration in Mwafaka Awards and Groove Awards.

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