List of Top Fake Pastors in Kenya

The Kenyan gospel industry is full of wolves in sheep’s clothes. Men of God are literally misleading innocent believers into their spiritual downfall and playing tricks on their faith. Let sinners sin and let believers believe, you can’t be somewhere in between, pretending to be holier than though and white as snow, yet deep down you are a savage, thirsty and a greedy son of man, hiding his claws so as to manipulate people. Being a man of God comes with respect, dignity and lots of expectations from the society, but these men have broken that trust.

1.Bishop Gilbert Deya.

According to this man of God, the Almighty has gifted him with powers to make infertile women pregnant. But how? The Kenyan based us preacher has been accused of stealing innocent children from women and smuggling them across the border to Britain. He has also been accused of sexual assaults. He calls them Miracle Babies. He has been charged with attempted rape 4 times.

2 Pastor James Maina Nganga.

He is the founder of Neno evangelism. Apparently, he has been accused of taking Mercy Njeri’s life in a fatal accident with his Range Rover and bribed the police to hide evidence away from the public eye. He has a record of being imprisoned at Shimo la Tewa. He performs fake miracles at a price.

3.Bishop Thomas Wahome.

The helicopter of Christ church pranked his own congregation into believing he had been granted access to God’s book of life and began extorting a whole 1000 shillings from them to tell them if their names belonged to the book of life. His followers touch his clothes at a whopping 1200 bob to get healed.

4 Prophet Victor Kanyari.

He is that guy. He is a self-declared doctor and prophet who runs the salvation healing ministry. He was busted by media for his scum, soliciting sex from his female church members and coaxing them to testify of fake miracles performed by him. Also, his Mbegu ya 310 and Potassium per manganite for miracles.

5.Pastor Allan Gitonga.

His extravagant lifestyle is what many admire, the Redeemed gospel churches leader has been accused of grabbing land around his Huruma church. He charges Ksh 200 to 20000  for a miracle.

6.Pastor Michael Njoroge.

The fire gospel ministry leader is quite a fake when it comes to miracles. Banging prostitutes and using them to testify his miracles, stage managing a scene where gunmen showered his machine with bullets yet he walked away unharmed, the list of fake miracles is endless.

7.Prophetess Lucy Nduta.

The mother of Victor Kanyari has quite a reputation. She calls herself the HIV/AIDS healer. That through prayers she can cure it completely. After convincing her congregation she started to charge for her special prayers.

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