List Of Top Fish Exporters In Kenya

This is a list of top fish exporters in Kenya. Kenya has 13,600 square kilometres of inland lakes and 640 kilometres of coastline, thus providing a favourable environment for the fishing business to take place, particularly exporting fish and other fish products.

Kenya Fisheries Service is the main body tasked with the regulation and control of the fish export and import industry. Kenya mainly exports fish species such as Nile perch, tuna, lobsters and prawns to ready markets such as Japan, Israel, USA and Australia.

Here is a list of the top fish exporters in Kenya.

1. Frutplanet

Frutplanet is a leading exporter of seafood across the globe. Frutplanet offers convenient and reliable export services for people looking to buy seafood.

The seafood includes tilapia, crabs, crustaceans, prawns, shrimps, lobsters, octopuses, salmons, catfish, etc. The seafood company helps customers source and navigate the increasingly complex process of shipping seafood worldwide while cutting costs.

Other products exported by Frutplanet include mangoes, herbs, oranges, vegetables, pineapples, Cavendish bananas, flowers, and avocados.

Contact: 0798 799 211



2. Kenya Tropical Sealife Ltd

It is a leading exporter of marine ornamental fish, invertebrates and elasmobranchs.

Location: Kikambala, Mombasa

Contacts: +254 721 862 099


3. East African Sea Food Ltd

East African Sea Food Ltd which is owned by Alpha Group is a global fish and seafood supplier with international operations in a wide range of frozen fish, seafood and fresh products from various countries to different worldwide destinations.

Location: Enterprise Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 722 202 110/ +254 736 560 001

4. Kenya Marine Centre

KMC  is a professional live ornamental fish exporter committed to supplying the best quality fishes with the most seamless customer support experience.

Location: Kikambala

Contacts: +254 724 827 778/ +254 720 103 311


5. Pwani Sealife Kenya

It is one of the fastest-growing exporter and local distributor of live, fresh, frozen seafood and ornamental tropical marine fish.

Contact: +254 732 360 508


6. Brinkley Limited

Brinkley Limited is a leading fish processing and exporting company that specialises in wild-caught, chilled and frozen seafood and freshwater fish.

Location: Shimanzi Road, Mombasa

Contacts: +254 775 243 666


7. Capital Fish Ltd

The company was established in the early 1990s and has grown to be one of the leading processors and exporters of nile perch.

Contacts: +254 20 434 8242

8. Crustacean Processors

It is a well-known seafood processing and exporting company located in Mombasa. The company mainly exports octopus vulgaris, spiny lobster and omatus.

Contact: +254 729 403 563

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