List Of Top Gospel Music Songwriters in Kenya

This is a list of top gospel music songwriters in Kenya. A songwriter is a professional who writes lyrics and melodies for songs. Songwriters play a bigger role in the success and growth of artists or musicians who lack the talent to compose their own lyrics. They are sometimes referred to as ‘unsung heroes’ who play a strategic role in the making of the next generation of top-notch artists.

Here is a list of Kenyan gospel songwriters who are behind hit songs that have topped charts across East Africa.

1.Mr. Vee

Venanzio Githae, alias Mr. Vee is one of the best songwriters Kenya has ever had. He wrote two of Mercy Masika’s hit songs, Mwema, and Nikupendeze. He also doubles up as singer. His notable hit songs include; Soldier, Just away featuring the late Kaberere and VIP.


His real name is Peterson Githinji. He is an award-winning gospel artist and songwriter. He is the brain behind Daddy Owen’s hit song called vanity. He has also written his own songs which include; Uvumilivu, Nisaidie, Lingala ya Yesu and Niache Niimbe.

3.Godson Jawabu

Godson is talented in both singing and songwriting. He is the brain behind DK Kwenyebeat’s hit songs. He wrote both Asusu and Sari-sari, which catapulted DK into national fame.

4.Moji shortbaba

Moji is one of the member of former award-winning group, Kelele Takatifu. He co-wrote Bahati and Mr. Seed’s hit single Kumbekumbe. He is also behind the newly released song by Masterpiece called Nimekubali.


He is a lawyer by profession, a singer and talented songwriter. He wrote his own song, Sina chorus which topped the gospel charts a few years back. He has also written a few of Kambua’s songs.

6.Boss mog

His real name is Paul Onyango. He was part of the gospel group called MOG that won various gospel music awards in Kenya. He is a talented songwriter who has written many songs for his fellow gospel artists. Boss has his own music studio called B camp music.

7.Sarah K

Sarah K is an award-winning gospel musician and songwriter who specializes in contemporary worship songs. Her famous songs include; Liseme, Usiyeshindwa and Hakuna Silaha.

8.Gloria Muliro

She is among the people who have played a major role in the musical career of Willy Paul. Some of her hit songs she personally wrote include; Msaidizi, Matokeo, Sitolia and Mpango Wa Kando.

9.Rigan Sarkozi

He is talented in both singing and songwriting. He used to sing secular music but switched to gospel. He has written some of Daddy Owen’s and Papa Dennis’ songs. A notable song he has co-written is Olala by Papa Dennis.

10.Evelyn Wanjiru

She is a talented songwriter and singer who specializes in contemporary worship music. She is signed under the record label called Bwenieve production. Some of her notable songs include; Mungu Mkuu, Tulia and Nikufahamu.

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