List Of Top Health And Fitness Bloggers In Kenya

Health and fitness blogging basically entails talking about or educating the general public about the importance of keeping fit by either doing physical exercises or eating healthy.

Most fitness bloggers use vlogs to pass out a message, say how to do many pushups without getting crumbs, how to workout daily without experiencing body aches and stuff like that. These two blogging categories haven’t been fully exploited because you all know this is not a thing for every Tom, Dick, and Harry…not all bloggers can hit the gym daily or be on diet just to get their audience educated about something.

Well, here is a look at some of the few health and fitness bloggers in Kenya.

1. Jane Mukami

Jane is a renown fitness coach and nutritionist in Kenya. She is also an author of nutrition books, Eat right to get your body tight; a beginner’s guide to clean eating and weight loss, Cleanse your body, 10-day detox and Eat clean Get lean…all about matters body fitness and health.

2. Dr. Claire Kinuthia

Claire is a specialist ob/gym who has a passion for everything health and fitness. Her blog talks mostly about matters health and healthy eating

3. Lucy Muthuri

Lucy apart from being a human resource consultant, she is also a model, a fitness and nutrition expert and a fitness blogger. She battled weight issues and that’s why she confidently wants to help people who have the same problem like the one she had and to transform countless other lives through her platform.

4. Brenda Midamba

This winner of the Best Health Blog, Bloggers Association Of Kenya (BAKE) Awards 2016 has major interests in health and fitness.

5. Musavi

She can be basically described as a fitness foodie who started blogging about fitness so that she can document to her audience her tough weight loss journey. Musavi talks about both fitness and health issues and even food generally.

Others Health and Fitness Experts You Should Follow in Kenya :

6. Mitchelle Adagala

7. Marjolein Blokland

8. Anne-Marie Burugu

9. Nyaguthii Ndungu

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