List Of Top Maize Flour Millers In Kenya

This is a list of top maize flour millers in Kenya. Ugali is undeniably the most common staple food in Kenya that is consumed countrywide. This explains why there is an influx of maize flour milling companies in the country. There is a high demand for maize flour which is primarily used in the preparation of ugali.

In no particular order, here is a list of top maize flour millers in Kenya.

1. Capwell Industries Limited

The company manufactures high-quality maize flour under the brands; Soko Maize Meal, and Amaize. The maize meal is wholesome, offering great tasting ugali that is filling with quality that is consistent and fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Location: Behind Gretsa University, Makongeni, Thika.

Contacts: 0724 237 000, 0724 237 000.

2. Unga Limited

It manufactures the leading brand of sifted maize meal known as Jogoo , which is a household name in most Kenyan homes. It is milled from the finest maize and is undeniably tasty and nutritious for the whole family. Its other brands include Hostess and Hodari.

Location: Commercial Street, Industrial Area.

Contact: 020 760 3062.

3. Pembe Flour Mills Limited

It is one of the leading milling companies in Kenya that manufactures the popular Pembe Maize Flour, which is a recognised brand in many households and is renowned for its consistent quality.

Location: Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Contact: 0700 114 444.

4. Mombasa Maize Millers

They are one of the largest millers of maize and wheat in Kenya with branches in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Kitale and Nakuru. The company produces maize flour under the customised brands Ndovu, Cosmo, Bahari and Swan.

Contacts: 0710 200 026, 0722 205 212.

5. Nairobi Flour Millers

The company has been in operation for over 60 years. It is involved in large scale maize meal production under the brand name Jimbi.

Location: Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0710 731 268, 0708 292 958.

6. Kitui Flour Mills

Kitui Flour Mills is the home of quality and nutritious products since 1982. Its products include; Unga Wa Dola Flour, Jahazi Flour, Ziwa Premier Flour and Babalao Flour.

Location: Miriambai Lane, Off Lumumba Road, Mombasa.

Contacts: 0722 437 583, 020 211 1674.

7. United Millers

The company is involved in the production of consistently high-quality flour known as Jambo Maize Meal that is fortified with necessary vitamins and minerals.

Location: Obote Road, Industrial Area, Kisumu.

Contacts: 0724 303 831, 0770 304 072.

8. Giant Millers Limited

It is a Kenyan based company that processes, produces and sells maize flour under the brand name Canna Maize Mill.

Location: Giant Complex, Ngoingwa, Thika.

Contact: 0702 777 555.

9. Alpha Grain Millers

It is a milling firm that has been in operation for the past seven years, milling flour known by the brand name Kifaru.

Location: North Airport Road, Embakasi.

Contacts: 0734 445 444, 0706 445 444.

10. Mama Millers

It is a family owned flour milling company that started operations in 2007. It produces high quality maize flour under the brand name Mama Maize Meal.

Location: Thika.

Contact: 0714 973 365.

11. Joy Millers

The company started maize milling in 2011. Its most popular brand is Raha Premium Kavagara maize flour.

Location: Kutus-Embu Rd, Kerugoya

Contacts: 0723730539, 0733851201

12. Grain Industries Limited 

The company has a state of the art milling plant in the Shimanzi area of Mombasa. Ajab Maize flour is made using the finest maize and sifted to perfection.

Location: Mozambique / Beira Road, Shimanzi. Mombasa

Contacts: 0740 111 222

13. Maycorn Maize Meal Company

The company produces maize flour under the brand name Maycorn Maize Meal.
Location: Opposite Highlands Coffee Company Ltd, Next To Orange House, Garissa Road, Makongeni, Thika
Contact: 020 8020002
14. Mama Millers
The Thika-based miller produces maize flour under the brand name MAMA.
Contact: +254 714 973 365
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