List Of Top Mobile Toilets Suppliers In Kenya

Many times a year, events come and go and as a basic sanitation requirement, there needs to be a toilet or toilets to effectively serve the numbers available and since the available one or two toilets cant be enough and if there is no enough water or sewage main facilities are available, then here is where mobile toilets come in.

Mobile toilets can be used when there are church functions, wedding and parties, educational events, government events, corporate events and many other general gatherings and functions. If you have an event and need mobile toilets, we have made it easier for you to choose from this wide range of suppliers all over Kenya to effectively suit your need. Have a look.






Uniqueloo Ltd


0722 852 180 / 0724616134


Karibu Loo




Brooms Ltd


0722676582 /+254 20 6004864 / 0717604783​​ /​​


Ideal Sanitation

(Ecoloo Classic)


0721599203 / 0725752600


Ecotact Ltd


020 2459130


Portable Mobile Toilets (Nairobi)


0724274907 / 0728941587


Porta Loos


Goldwings Events


+254 020 4449210 / 0722514880


Excloosive Toilets


0722492835 / 0733388923 / 0708142611