List Of Top Outdoor Advertising Companies In Kenya

Outdoor advertising entails the use of billboards, street signs, event branding, wall painting and wrapping, sky signs, bridge branding and even hoarding.

If you work in any major town in Kenya, then you can’t avoid the sight of towering billboards across town and along roads as you head home or to work. These billboards play a major role in reaching out to the required audiences the easiest because one doesn’t need to have electricity or a television set or radio…only eyes are required and magic happens.

Billboards are also the most efficient form of advertising because of their relatively low cost of advertising where you get to reach more than 3 million duplicated prospects and pay a few thousand shillings, which’s way cheaper than most electronic media advertising forms.

Maybe you have seen these billboards and posters erected all over town and you are wondering, which companies do this outdoor advertising business or how can I reach them, well, here is a list of top outdoor advertising companies for all major billboards you see in Nairobi and their contacts.

 1.Magnate Ventures

Contact: 0722204400



 2. Alliance Media

Contact: +254 20 375 3012


3. Consumer Link Ltd

Contact: 0717423000 / 0770464994



4. Outdoor Ltd

Contact: 0719020100


5. Ad site Ltd

Contact: 0203743500 /0733607609



6. Base One Media

Contact: 0706396668


7. Ikon Prints Media Ltd

Contact: 0703567652 / 0722295096



8. Backlite Media

Contact:  02022240131/2/3


9. Pelican Signs

Contact: 0733208308 / 0720208308



10. Tangerine Investments Ltd

Contact: 0722600203 / 0737222270



11. Firmbridge Ltd

Contact: 0718860333 / 0721717514 / 0722791640


12. Consumer Link


13. Look Media 

14Imagine Media

15. Posterscope

List Of Best Billboard Companies In Kenya

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