List Of Top Polycarbonate Sheets Suppliers In Kenya

This is a list of top polycarbonate sheets suppliers in Kenya. Polycarbonate Sheets are lightweight and durable roofing materials that are made from reinforced polymers. They may be ideal for use on projects such as parking bays, footbridges, poolside shades, canopies and many more.

Here is a list of top polycarbonate sheets suppliers in Kenya.

1. Polycarbonates Kenya

The company sells high quality polycarbonate sheets and accessories. Some of their products include hollow and solid polycarbonates sheets.

Contacts:  0722 324 390, 0714 968 584




2. Ali Glaziers Ltd

Ali Glaziers is a one stop shop for all types of polycarbonate sheets, from blue solid, clear solid, green solid to solid polycarbonate sheets.

Contact: 0722 671 352.

3. Rexe Roofing Products Ltd

Rexe Roofing company offers a wide variety of quality polycarbonate sheets suitable for use in residential, commercial and industrial projects in Kenya.

Contacts: 0704 646 664, 0731 068 184.

4. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Kenya

The company supplies quality roofing polycarbonate sheets in Kenya at affordable prices.

Contact: 0703 200 300.

5. Sai Raj

Sai Raj is a first-choice manufacturer and reliable vendor of high-quality polycarbonate sheets, PVC ceiling panels, uPVC roofing sheets, fibreglass tanks, speciality fabrications and fibreglass furniture.

Contact: 0708 771 100, 0719 247 640.

6. Mabati Rolling Mills

Mabati Rolling Mills manufactures and supplies Cleardek polycarbonate sheets and panel systems that may be used in a wide variety of roofing and cladding designs.

Contact: 0788 202 020.

7. Plysales Kenya

Plysales Kenya specialises in walkway polycarbonates, u-fitting for polycarbonates, mall polycarbonate and h-fitting for polycarbonate.

Contact: 0727 048 416, 0733 442 188.

8. ASL Limited

ASL Limited is a leading importer and supplier of polycarbonate sheets in Kenya. It has been in business since 1954.

Contact: 0733 600 540, 0722 465 813.

9. Steel Structures Kenya

Steel Structures Kenya manufactures and supplies corrugated polycarbonate sheets that are resistant to UV radiation, extreme weather and harsh conditions.

Contact: 0711 088 000, 0733 517 700.

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