List Of Top Tea Exporters In Kenya

Kenya is a reputable country well known for its rich agricultural exports such as tea and horticultural products. It is the world’s leading exporter of black tea and cut flowers which are specifically used for decorative purposes. In this article, we will highlight some of the best Kenyan tea export firms which have managed to carve out a niche in the international market.

Here is a list of 10 best tea export firms in Kenya.

1. Global Tea & Commodities Ltd

It is a fully integrated tea company offering a wide range of services at all stages of the supply chain. It offers complete solutions regarding tea trade by way of procurement, warehousing and packaging.

Location: Mombasa

Contacts: +254 41316 399/ 311 963


2. James Finlay (Mombasa)

It was established in 1750 and is part of the Swire group which has extensive tea, coffee and horticultural interests in the International market.

Location: Mashundu Street, Mombasa

Contacts: +254 41 224 057


3. Unilever Kenya Ltd

Unilever is one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies that mainly makes and sells a wide range of products such as tea to over 100 countries in the world.

Contacts: +254 41 225 254/205,  +254 709 050 600

4. Lutex Limited

It exports a variety of tea types in different grades which are blended in strict conformity to the required set of standards by relevant authorities.

Location: Makarios Road, Mombasa

Contacts: +254 41 222 3040/ +254 722 871 756


5. Cargill Kenya Limited

It is a certified company that particularly auctions, blends and exports ready-made tea to the major tea consuming countries in the world.

Location: Shimazi Industrial Area, Mombasa

Contacts: +254 41 225 701

6. Summer Tea

It is a bulk tea trader and packaged tea retailer that primarily sells black Kenyan tea in both local and international markets.

Location: Near Posta Makupa, Mombasa.

Contacts: +254 775 243 324/ +254 758 395 225


7. Stansand Africa Ltd

Location: 3rd Floor, Tea House, Nyerere Avenue, Mombasa

Contacts: +254 41 222 4673/ +254 41 222 7112


8. Kenya Tea Development Agency Holdings Limited

It is a leading management and marketing company of high-quality tea products and services in the world.

Contacts: 254 020 2211 240


9. Chai Trading Company Limited

Location: Miritini, Mombasa

Contacts: +254 20 2037927/ +254 020 2048311

10. L.A.B. International Ltd

It is an experienced and professional black tea trading company. It auction buys tea in Kenya and also source’s tea privately from Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Location: Chai Street, Off Shimanzi Road, Mombasa

Contacts: +254 733 227 989/ +254 735 227 989


11.  Buy Kenyan Tea

It specializes in selling CTC Black tea, Orthodox Tea, Green Tea, Purple Tea, and White Tea. They also source for Rwandese tea.

Location: Ratna Square, Nyali, Mombasa

Contacts: +254723202692


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