List of Top Ten Security Firms in Kenya

Security in Kenya is such a strategic issue for firms that are willing to put their money and invest heavily in it. In security, every company wants to be the best. There  are so many customers out there  willing to pay a good amount just for the sake of their safety. Below  is a list of ten security companies in Kenya which we can at least say that their security solutions are good.

In no particular order, here is a List of Top Ten Security Firms in Kenya.

1. Wells Fargo Limited services

2. G4S Security Services Limited

3. KK Security Services Limited

4. Bob Morgan Security ( BM ) Limited

5. Ultimate Security Ltd

6. Radar Security Limited

7. Brinks Security Services Ltd

8. Pinkerton’s Kenya Limited

9. SGA Security

10. Cobra Security

  • Fidelity Security
  • Riley Services Ltd
Victor Matara

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