List Of Traffic Lights In Kenya And Their Meaning

This article focuses on traffic lights in Kenya and their meaning. Traffic lights are automatic signalling devices categorised as Class C signs in the Traffic Act. They are meant to bring order and direct/manage the flow of traffic.

Traffic lights are made up of light bulbs with different colours that signal drivers on when to stop, wait or proceed. They are mainly found on busy roads and in major towns such as Nairobi and Mombasa.

Traffic lights have three colours. This includes Red, Amber and Green. Red is usually at the top, Amber in the middle and Green at the bottom.

The lights are usually positioned where drivers/ motorists can see them. All road users are required by law to regard the traffic lights at all times.

Failure of a driver to conform to the indications given by any traffic sign attracts a fine of Kshs 3,000. A driver who also fails to obey any directive given, whether verbally or by signals, by a police officer in uniform, in the execution of his/her duty attracts a fine of Kshs 3,000.

List Of Traffic Lights In Kenya And Their Meaning

1. Red

Red means Stop. All vehicles must stop before crossing the stop line. The vehicles should stop and wait behind the stop line.

2. Red & Amber (lit up together)

Red & Amber are usually lit up together. The colours signal drivers that the green light is about to come on or the light is about to change to green. Vehicles should not pass or cross the stop line until the green light comes on.

3. Amber

Amber signals drivers that the light is about to change to red. You should stop at the line unless it is not safe to do so. If it appears once you have crossed the stop line, you can proceed.

4. Green

Green means Go. You can cross the stop line and proceed with your journey.

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