List Of Transnational Bank Branches In Kenya and Contacts

This is a list of Transnational Bank branches in Kenya and their contacts. It’s one of the 43 licensed commercial banks in Kenya which was established in 1984 as a non-bank financial institution. During this time, it provided loans and lease-purchase arrangements to depositors and non-depositors. It was later licensed to began operations as a commercial bank on 8th January 1985.

Its head office is located at the Transnational Plaza along City Hall Way in Nairobi. Transnational Bank has 29 branches across Kenya.

List Of Transnational Bank Branches In Kenya and Contacts

1. Transnational Bank Head Office

Tel. 254-2-2224235/6, 252188-91

Location: Transnational Plaza, City Hall Way

2. Transnational Bank Kirinyaga Road Branch

Tel. 254-020-240009, 252188-91, 224235/6

Location: Transnational Bank House, Kirinyaga Road

3.  Transnational Bank Westlands Branch

Tel. 0774736338

Location: 1st Floor Reliance Centre, Woodvale Grove,  Westlands

4.Transnational Bank JKIA Branch

Tel. 254-2-824502, 822684

Location: JKIA Arrival Terminal

5. Transnational Bank Sheikh Karume Road  Branch

Tel. 254-020-2216060, 2216061

Location: Pramukh Plaza, Sheikh Karume Road

6. Transnational Bank Kabarenet Branch 

Tel. 254-053-22028/29

Location: Matetai Building, Philemon Road

7. Transnational Bank Marigat Branch

Tel. 0776 180218

Location: Perkera road, Marigat

8. Transnational Bank Eldama Ravine Branch

Tel. 254 704870207

Location: Roza building

9.Transnational Bank Bomet Branch

Tel. 254-020-2362119/20

Location: Sigor House, Kipchamba Street

10. Transnational Bank Iten Branch

Tel +254-020-2408097/020-2408249

Location: Mosop Plaza, Iten-Kessup Road

11. Transnational Bank Kapcherop Branch

Tel. +254797759599/ +254797 759603

Location: Kapcherop

12. Transnational Bank Kericho Branch

Tel. 254-052-20950/1

Location: USMA Plaza, Temple Road

13. Transnational Bank EPZ Athi River Branch

Tel. 254-045-6626367, 045 – 6626361

Location: Export Processing Zone, Athi River

14. Transnational Bank Mombasa Branch

Tel. 254-041-2315404, 2315366, 2315394

Location: Maganjo House, Nyerere Avenue

15.Transnational Bank Mombasa International Airport Branch

Tel. 254-041- 3432877

Location: Moi International Airport, Arrivals Unit

16. Transnational Bank Nandi Hills Branch

Tel. 254-0202-488655

Location: Transnational House, Market Street

17. Transnational Bank Lessos Branch

Tel. +254 053 2063304

Location: Ruki House, Lessos

18. Transnational Bank Kaptumo Branch

Tel. 254 723 540 136

Location: Rongoei building

19.Transnational Bank Nakuru Branch

Tel. 254-051-2211915-7

Seguton Building, Kenyatta Avenue

20. Transnational Bank Kabarak University Branch

Tel. 254-051-343162/3

Kabarak University, Kabarak

21. Transnational Bank Kiptagich Branch

Tel. 0776 337811

KOG Building , Kiptagich Road

22. Transnational Bank Olenguruone Branch

Tel. 254-0202-680010

Location: Bidii House, Olenguruone

23. Transnational Bank Narok Branch

Tel. 254 – 050 – 2223033/6

Location: Mara House, Mara Road

24. Transnational Bank Kitale Branch

Tel. 254-054-30516

Location: Executive Building, Kenyatta Street

25. Transnational Bank Eldoret Branch

Tel. 254-053-2031846, 2031284, 2031756

Location: Hughes Building, Uganda Road

26.Transnational Bank Flax  Branch

Tel.  0722 455 912

Sugutek Plaza, Off Kaptagat Road

27. Transnational Bank Burnt Forest Branch
Tel. 0776 159 752

Location: Bisom Highway Building

28. Transnational Bank Kapenguria Branch

Tel. 0772 973 116, 0772 973 100

Location: Paves building

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