List of TSC AON Minet Insurance Hospitals in Samburu

This is a list of all accredited TSC AON Minet Insurance hospitals in Samburu CountyAON Minet Insurance is tasked with the provision of medical cover for all teachers and their dependants by The Teachers Service Commission. The benefits of this medical cover include inpatient, outpatient, dental, optical, maternity, and specialized services.

The teachers under this scheme have medical access to direct and referral hospitals.

Direct facilities: These are primary care facilities that members can access directly without the need for a referral letter.

Referral facilities:  These are facilities that offer medical services for cases that require specialized treatment. A Referral letter from a direct facility is required to access medical services in these facilities.

You can check the nearest facility by simply dialling *340# or *202*6# on your phone.

How to access the services from the hospitals listed below. 

Step 1: Present yourself at the service provider
Step 2: Identify yourself or your dependant with the TSC number
Step 3: The service provider will generate an SMS that contains a One-Time-Pin (OTP), sent to the principal member’s registered mobile number.
Step 4: You will present this OTP to the service provider representative to register the fingerprints.
Step 5: You will be requested to place a finger on the biometric device and the impressions will be saved against your membership record.

Upon successful registration, the member or dependant can access medical services.

List of Teachers Medical Scheme Service Providers In Samburu County

a) Inpatient Hospital

  Hospitals Town Access
1. Samburu Doctors Plaza Maralal Direct
2. Catholic Hospital Wamba Wamba Direct

b) Outpatient Hospitals 

  Hospitals Town Access
1. Bliss Gvs Healthcare Ltd Maralal Maralal Direct
2. Catholic Hospital Wamba Wamba Direct
3. Samburu Doctors Plaza Maralal Direct

c) Maternity Hospitals

  Hospitals Town Access
1. Samburu Doctors Plaza Maralal Direct
2. Catholic Hospital Wamba Wamba Direct

AON Minet Insurance Samburu County Contacts

Location: Samburu Doctors Plaza – Samburu

Contacts: 0741410423

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