List Of Uber Kenya Car Inspection Centers

Below is a simple guide on how and where to do an inspection for your car if you re planning to join Uber Kenya.

Step 1

Book your inspection

Find the nearest vehicle inspection location below and schedule an appointment. The cost of vehicle inspection is KES 600 between 8:30 – 11 AM on weekdays and KES 800 in any other operating hour.

Uber Kenya Car Inspection Location

    • Kingsway Tyres

      Location: Corner Plaza, Westlands

    • Kingsway Tyres

      Location:  Muindi Mbingu Street

    • Kingsway Tyres

      Location: Drive-In

  • Kingsway Tyres

    Location: Funzi Road

Step 2

Complete the Inspection

Complete your inspection on your booked time at the inspection center. There should be no damage indicated in the report.

Step 3

Upload the inspection report

Once you pass the inspection, upload the clear report to your account and ensure the vehicle registration number matches the vehicle on your Uber profile. Uber does not cover repairs or maintenance to pass an inspection.

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