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List of Visa Free Countries for Kenyan Passport Holders

If you intend to travel outside Kenya in 2018 and still stuck finding a list of Visa Free Countries then you are the right website. In this article, we have listed countries which Kenyan passport holders don’t need to apply for a Visa when visiting them.

Kenyan citizens had visa-free access to the following countries and territories.

Country Location Duration
Antigua and Barbuda Caribbean 1 month
Bahamas Caribbean 3 Months
Barbados Caribbean 6 Months
Botswana Africa 3 Months
Burundi Africa 3 Month
Dominica Caribbean 21 Days
Eritrea Africa
Ethiopia Africa 1 year
Fiji Oceania 4 Months
Gambia Africa 3 Months
Ghana Africa
Grenada Caribbean
Haiti Caribbean 3 Months
Hong Kong Asia 3 Months
Indonesia Asia 1 Month
Jamaica Caribbean
Kiribati Oceania 1 Month
Lesotho Africa 3 Months
Malawi Africa 3 Months
Malaysia Asia 1 Month
Mauritius Africa 3 Months
Micronesia Islands Oceania 1 Month
Namibia Africa 3 Months
Panama North America 6 Months
Philippines Asia 1 Month
Saint Kitts &  Nevis Caribbean
Saint Vincent & The Grenadines Caribbean 1 Month
Senegal Africa 3 Months
Singapore Asia 1 Month
Swaziland Africa 1 Month
Tanzania Africa 3 Months
Uganda Africa
Vanuatu Oceania 1 Month
Zambia Africa 3 Months
Zimbabwe Africa 3 Months


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