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List Of Visa On Arrival Countries for Kenyan Passport Holders

On this post, we are going to look at the countries Kenyan passport holders can travel to and get a Visa once they have arrived as of  2020. This kind of visa is usually issued to Kenyans when they enter the visiting country for a holiday or tour.  Most of the countries on this list are famous tourist destinations.


List Of Visa On Arrival Countries for Kenyan Passport Holders 

Country Location Duration
Bolivia South America 90 Days
Burkina Faso Africa
Cambodia Asia
Cape Verde Africa
Comoros Africa
Cuba Caribbean
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Africa
Djibouti Africa
Guinea-Bissau Africa 3 Months
India * Asia 1 Month
Iran Middle East
Laos Asia 1 Month
Madagascar Africa 3 Months
Maldives Asia 1 Month
Mali Africa
Mauritania Africa
Nepal Asia
Nigeria Africa
Palau Oceania 1 Month
Rwanda Africa 6 Months
Samoa Oceania 2 Months
Santa Lucia Caribbean 6 Weeks
Seychelles Africa
Sierra Leone Africa
Southern Sudan Africa
Sri Lanka Asia 1 Month
Sudan Africa
Timor-Leste Asia 1 Month
Togo Africa 7 Days
Tuvalu Oceania 1 Month


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