List Of West Pokot County Government Ministers (CECs) 2021

This is a list of West Pokot County Government ministers (CECs) as of 2021. West Pokot County is headed by Governor John Krop Lonyangapuo who elected on August 8th, 2017 on a KANU ticket.

West Pokot County government structure consists of 10 County Executive Committee members as listed below.

Ministry Minister (CEC)
1 Finance and Economic Planning Augustine Monges
2 Public Works, Transport and Roads Christine Apokoreng
3 Public Services, ICT and Devolved Units Joel Arimwonyang
4 Trade, Industrialisation and Cooperative Development Francis Kitelauyen
5 Education and Technical Training Ruth Kisabit
6 Lands, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban Development Jackson Yaralima
7 Water, Environment and Natural Resources Luka Chepelion
8 Culture, Youth, Sports and Tourism Emily Chepoghisiyo
9 Agriculture, Irrigation and Pastoral Economy Joel Ngasia
10 Health Geoffrey Lipale

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