List Of Winas Sacco Branches And Contacts

Here is a list of Winas Sacco branches and their contacts. Winas Sacco, formerly Embu teachers Sacco, is a deposit-taking Sacco established in 1977. With an asset base of 9.79 Billion, Winas Sacco is one of the largest Saccos in Kenya.

List Of Winas Sacco Products

a) Back Office Services Activities (BOSA) Products 

1. Domestic Loan

  • Repayment period of 18 months.

2. Super Loan

  • Meant to assist you to achieve long-term plans
  • Repayment within 72 months.

3. Biashara Loan

  • Must have a business permit or registration document to access this product.

4. Express Loan

  • A top-up of domestic loan
  • Repayment period of 30 months

5. Karibu Loan

  • Suitable for newly employed civil servants
  • Interest rates of 12% p.a.
  • Repayment period of 36 months

6. Normal Loan

  • Repayment period of 36 months
  • Interest rates 12% p.a.

7. Investment Loan

  • Repayment within 60 months

8. Smart Loan

  • Top-up of a normal loan.
  • Repayment within 42 months.

9. Vision 84

  • Product for long-term development with big capital outlay.

10. BOSA Loan Advances

  • This is an apportionment of any back office loan before funds are disbursed. It’s granted to customers with pressing financial needs that can’t wait until a loan is fully approved and all funds disbursed.

11. Bank Loans Buyoffs

  • The Sacco clears customer loans from other banks to relieve them of the expensive burden and high-interest rates.

12. Microcredit Loans

  • A competitively designed group-based/Chama loan for those running small-scale businesses but with growth potential.

13. Kilimo Loan

b) Front Office Services Activities FOSA Products 

  • Savings Account
  • Fixed Deposit Account
  • Jolly Junior Account
  • Holiday Account
  • Scholars Account
  • Biashara Account
  • Ordinary Salary Advance- Repayable within 4 months
  • Special Salary Advance- Repayable within 8 months
  • FOSA Quick Loan – Repayable within 42 months
  • Emergency Loan- available if salary passes through FOSA.

List Of Winas Sacco Branches And Contacts

1. Winas Sacco Head Office

Location: Teachers’ House, Kenyatta Avenue, Embu Town

Phone:  0727 436 211, 068-31091


2. Kiritiri Market Branch

Contact: 0706 528 722

3. Ishiare Market  Branch

Contact: 0706 528 720

4. Matuu Town Branch

Contact: 0716 703 057

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