List Of Yetu Sacco Branches And Contacts

This is a list of Yetu Sacco branches and their contacts. Yetu Sacco, formerly South Imenti Tea Growers Sacco, is a deposit-taking Sacco that has been operational since 1990. With an asset base of more than 4.71 billion, it is one of the largest Saccos in Kenya.

List of Yetu Sacco Products

a) Loan Products

  • Super Mapato Loan – This product is tailored to meet financial needs of permanent employees in government commissions, civil servants/county governments and private institutions/companies. It doesn’t require guarantors, the interest rate is 1% per month on reducing balance, and the repayment period is up to 96 months.
  • Mortgage Financing Loan
  • Msingi Loan – This product meets the financial needs of tea and coffee farmers.
  • Kilimo Bora Loan – It targets dairy farmers
  • M-Yetu Mobile Loan 
  • Asset Financing – They finance up to 10 times your shares and offer a repayment period of 60 months.

b) Savings Products

  • Hazina Savings Account -A transactional account targeting tea and coffee farmers.
  • Kilimo Savings Account – An account for dairy farmers
  • Mapato Savings Account – An account targeting salaried people
  • Bakisha Savings Account – It is a savings account meant to assist micro savers to increase their creditworthiness as well as encourage a savings culture.
  • Yetu Junior Savings Account – This is a savings account for Young Children meant to inculcate a savings culture in kids.
  • Corporate Savings Account – This is an institutional account for organizations e.g companies, churches and schools.
  • Digital Savings Account – This is an account for young people who’d like to develop a culture of saving money.
  • Fixed Deposit Account – This product is meant for investors who want to grow their wealth with very attractive interest rates.

List Of Yetu Sacco Branches And Contacts

1. Yetu Sacco Head Office

Location: Yetu Sacco House, Nkubu

Phone: 0724114444, +254 64 5051399


2. Nairobi Branch

Location: Ground Floor, Magamano Building, Lagos Rd, Nairobi

Phone: +254 20 2181909

3. Kinoro Branch

Contact: +254 20 2064738

4. Meru Branch

Contact: +254 20 2001119

5. Kionyo Branch

Contact: +254 20 8006078

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