List Of Top Spending By Kenyans on Valentine’s Day

Valentines day is a day loved and hated in equal measure…many like women love it because it means that a surprise gift or trip is most probably underway and we men don’t always love this day because it means that we are going to perish economically in that our wallets are going to be stretched beyond their logical ductility limits…at least not for all men.

Valentine’s day can also be a long one if you are single but care way too much about relationships. Well, the day that was is already over, love has been showered, money has been spent and lots of memories made. Many Kenyans spent a lot yesterday (14th February) to impress the love of their lives today and we looked into what Kenyans spent much on this Valentine’s day and listed it for you below.

1.  Travel related Spending

Kenyans spent a lot to either go see their loved ones or to get their loved ones come visit them. The spending related to travel increased by 90% as compared to last years 62% increase. This accounts for over 25% of the total spend during Valentine’s day.

2. Hotel Spend

Hotel spend has remained very stable over the past years that lovers have celebrated Valentine’s day. Hotel spends gobble up a staggering 53% share of total spending and further take 52% share of transactions carried out as compared to 48% last year.

3. Buying Gifts

Many gifts were exchanged today…from gift cards, heart necklaces, chocolates, earrings, love sculptures, love mugs to name just but a few. Gifts take a 9% share of the total spendings.

4. Buying Flowers

Red flowers symbolize love, maybe you passed through town today and saw thousands of both natural and artificial flowers on display for sale. Flowers rake in a lot of money for the sellers this Love season and the buying of flowers rake in a 12% share of the total spendings.

5.Spending On Clothes

Clothes also make it to the list of the top spendings by Kenyans this Valentines. Many clothing outlets were full yesterday until late in the evening and the sales were very high which speaks volumes about what Kenyans love spending their money on this Valentines.

6.Spending on Massage or Spa

Lovers, especially women like to take some time, or rather be taken to a spa or a massage parlor at least on this special day.


On the other hand, online transactions happened more frequently than ever and many Kenyans have turned to online retail outlets to purchase most of their Valentine gifts.


John Nyabuto

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