7 Struggles Only Ladies With Long Weaves Can Relate To

Girls will kill us with some hairdos.It’s so okay to drop a bombshell with the most fancy and trendy hairdo, that will give your girls a run for their money.Girls with long weaves do catch our eyes but here​ are some of the struggles they go through.

Sweat and dirt.

You can’t run away from this.The weave makes your pores give too much sweat.That sweat plus dandruff, hair oil, the dust you pick up on your way to class, mix up to be something smelly and
disgusting.Your head will forever be smelling sweat ot dirt.


A dry scalp caked with a thick layer of dirt and sweat will give you nightmares. So every now and then if you are not digging into your scalp with your fingers,to scratch the hell out of it, then you are busy using pens and pencils to reduce the itchiness.


Girls with long weaves will agree that, it really limits them when it comes to trying out different styles. You have to wear that hairdo for as long as you want without trying a different style.

Throw back.

You must have seen girls whip their weaves back every now and then when it falls front and sort of covers their faces. You have to worry about that weave flocking your face, so you have to have your hands ready to flip it back to where it belongs.

Matching it with a dress code.

Unlike braids or natural hair, you must be able to dress in a certain manner to blend with your weave.It sort of limits your dress code choices cause of it’s inflexibility in styling.

Maintaining the curls.

This is where the secret of a quality weave lies.You have to comb it every now and then to keep the curls.Sometimes the curls dissapear because of combing, and being careless, leaving it ugly.

Fall offs.

Long weaves have a tendency of coming out in a small amount when you are combining it.Replacing it can be a bit difficult when the hair falls off from a part of your head.When the lines holding the weaves grow weaker do style, and you end up looking deadbeat.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.