Madison Insurance Products and Branches in Kenya

This is a list of products offered by Madison Insurance and its branches in Kenya. It is one of the 56 licensed insurance companies in Kenya by the Insurance Regulatory Authority. The company was established in 1988 after a merger between Crusader Plc (1974) and Kenya Commercial Insurance Corporation. It is one of the leading insurance companies in Kenya offering general and life insurance.

Madison Insurance Products

General Insurance Products

1.Marine Insurance 

This policy covers the risk of loss, destruction, or damage to goods in transit by sea or air.

2. Domestic Package 

It offers coverage against damage to your home as well as its contents. This package combines six policies (Fire, Burglary, All risks WIBA (Workman’s Injury Benefits Act), Occupier’s Liability, Owners Liability) to cover different risks at the price of one premium.

3. Travel Insurance 

It provides coverage to minimize the considerable financial risk of traveling: trip cancellation, travel interruptions, and delays, emergency medical expenses, medical evacuation costs, lost or damaged baggage.

4. Motor Commercial Insurance 

This policy provides cover for motor commercial vehicles against accidental damage, fire, theft, third party liability.

5. Motor Insurance 

Motor Insurance protects you and your loved ones in the event that your vehicle is involved in an accident, is stolen, or is set on fire. There are three covers under motor insurance; Third-Party Cover, Third-Party, Fire, and Theft and Comprehensive Cover.

Madison Life Insurance Products 

1. Hekima

This is a wealth creation policy that gives you the dual benefit of protection alongside potentially high returns upon policy maturity.  It combines insurance protection in case of death with an opportunity to earn high returns upon maturity.

2. Bima ya Karo

This policy provides an opportunity to allow parents/ guardians to create guaranteed funds for the provision of their children’s education whether the parents are alive, deceased, or disabled.

3. Group Life

This is a cover usually taken by an employer on behalf of the employees. It provides a 24-hour cover to policyholders, members, and their families in the unfortunate event of early death, disability, or Critical Illness.

4. Pension

This product is designed as a savings plan for retirement. It enables an individual to build up funds by making periodic contributions into a high yielding retirement fund.

5. Money Max Plus

It is an endowment plan that serves as a savings vehicle to take care of investors short term and long term goals.

6. UniPlan

This policy enables parents and guardians to save up funds to guarantee their children’s college education. It allows parents/guardians to predetermine the cost of college education for their children early enough by having a structured saving plan towards a set goal depending on the choice of college and the course. The policy allows flexible funding by allowing variation of the contributions during the term of the policy.

Madison Medical Products 

1. Family Healthcare Cover

Scope of Cover Inpatient Cover (Primary Cover)

  • Hospitalization costs net of NHIF rebate
  • Bed charges – inclusive of ICU & HDU charges, operating theatre cost
  • Doctor’s fee and Surgeon/Anaesthetist fee
  • Diagnostic Procedures, Dressings, Pathology, X-ray, MRI Scans
  • Inpatient day case procedures
  • Inpatient Physiotherapy, Radiotherapy, and Chemotherapy
  • Cover for treatment abroad if treatment unavailable locally
  • Emergency Road and Air Evacuation covered up to the overall limit
  • Declared and Newly diagnosed Pre-existing, Chronic, and HIV/AIDS conditions covered up to Kshs 300,000/= within the inpatient limit on full disclosure at the time of joining subject to one year waiting period.
  • Congenital conditions covered up to Kshs 100,000within sub-limit of pre-existing, chronic and HIV/AIDS
  • Post hospitalization treatment of Kshs 50,000/= within the inpatient limit up to a maximum of 3 weeks after discharge.
  • First Emergency caesarian section covered up to Kshs 150,000/= within the inpatient limit.
  • Inpatient non-accidental dental cover of Kshs 50,000/= per family per annum within the inpatient limit
  • Inpatient non-accidental optical cover of Kshs 75,000/= per family per annum within the inpatient limit
  • Lodger fee for a parent guardian accompanying below 8 years to the hospital will be covered
  • Bed limit Entitlement is a general ward bed for limits below 2 Million a Standard Private room for limits of 2 Million and above.

Scope of Cover Outpatient Cover

  • Doctors Consultations Fee and specialist’s fees
  • Covers Surgeons, Physicians, and anesthetists fees operating theatre charges
  • Covers Dispense drugs & dressings
  • Covers Diagnostic Procedures; -x-rays, ECG, encephalogram, audiogram, radiotherapy & chemotherapy
  • Daycare Procedures under local anesthesia
  • Consultation fees for general practitioner Pre-existing, Chronic conditions and HIV/Aids covered up to full Outpatient benefit
  • Free Outpatient dental cover of Ksh 20,000/= per family per annum
  • KEPI recommended vaccines Only

2. Madison KPSA Medical Cover

This is a tailor-made medical package that provides health solutions to the Kenya Private Schools Staff. It offers the option of:

  • In-patient Benefit
  • Out-patient Benefit
  • Dental Cover

Madison Investment Products 

1. Madison Money Market Fund

This is an excellent avenue for investment that offers you the opportunity to earn a competitive return as you save to meet your various financial needs. It is for individuals seeking to build up their savings or for those who want to keep their funds for a  short period of time.


  • No Entry or Exit Fee
  • High Liquidity – 2 working days notice
  • Competitive Yields (Currently at 9.58% P.A) * this depicts the average yearly yield.
  • Decent yields in a conservative risk environment.
  • Monthly compounding of interest
  • Madison Money Market is not term-based and does not attract penalties on withdrawals.

2. Madison Balanced Fund

It aims to achieve medium-term capital growth while realizing regular income over time.


  • No entry or exit fee.
  • High liquidity – 2 working days notice
  • Monthly compounding of interest
  • No penalty fees charged on withdrawals

3. Madison Equity Fund

This is a long term investment fund that invests mainly in shares. The fund aims to achieve long-term capital growth through investing in a diversified portfolio of various asset classes in the local and international markets. It is excellent for those investing for 3 years and above because it offers you significant capital growth.


  • No entry or exit fee.
  • High liquidity – 2 working days notice
  • You have an opportunity to own diverse shares from different companies as it is a pool of funds as opposed to individual investors in the shares market.

4. Madison Hifadhi

This is tailored to investors whose primary investment goal is capital protection with a conservative risk profile. This investment gives stable growth and easy access throughout the year.


  • Investments in Treasury bills and Bank Deposits with strategic allocations of each
  • Benchmark return: 91 Day T-bill + 2%.
  • You can choose 3 months, 6 months, or one year tenors and these attract different rates of returns above the benchmark.

5. Madison Zalisha

This is tailored for investors whose primary investment goal is capital growth with a moderate risk profile. This investment gives great returns and good growth of capital.


  • Investment of your money in Treasury bills, Bank Deposits, and Commercial papers with strategic allocations.
  • Benchmark Return – 91 Day T-bill + 3%
  • You can choose 3 months, 6 months, or one year tenors and these attract different rates of returns above the benchmark.

6. Madison Shujaa

This is tailored for investors whose primary investment goal high returns and capital growth.

  • Investment of your money in bank deposits, Treasury bills, and Commercial Papers
  • Benchmark Return – 91 Day T-bill + 4.5%
  • You can choose 3 months, 6 months or one year tenors and these attract different rates of returns above the benchmark

List of Madison Insurance Branches in Kenya

1. Madison Insurance Head office

Location: Madison House, Upper Hill Road, Near Milimani Commercial Courts

Contacts: 0709 922 444, 0709 922 000

2. Madison Insurance Westlands Branch

Location: Reliance Centre, 4th Floor, Woodvale Groove, Westlands, 4th Floor

Contact: 0709 922630

3. Madison Insurance Ngong Road Branch

Location: Royal Court Building, 4th Floor, Ngong Road

Contact : 020 – 3862279

4. Madison Insurance Moi Avenue Branch

Location: Contrust House, 2nd Floor, Moi Avenue


5. Madison Insurance Industrial Area Branch

Location: Kamkis Building, 3rd Floor

Contact: 020-532769

6. Madison Insurance City Square Branch

Location: Finance House, 8th Floor, Loita Street

Contact: 020-2212130, 2250872

7. Madison Insurance Buru Buru Branch

Location: Buru Buru Business Complex, 4th Floor Mumias South Road

Contact: 020 778 4174/020 -2864660

8. Madison Insurance Thika Branch

Location: Thika Arcade, 4th Floor, Kenyatta Highway

Contact: 067-22503, 067-30472

9. Madison Insurance Nyeri Branch

Location: Konahauthi Building, 1st Floor, Kanisa Road

Contact: 061-2030453

10. Madison Insurance Meru BranchLocation: Mwalimu Plaza, Mezzanine Floor & 3rd Floor Gakoromone Road

Contact : 064-30942/ 300006

11. Madison Insurance Nakuru Branch

Location: Shiv Plaza, 3rd Floor Kenyatta Avenue

Contacts : 051-2214143, 020-2864720

12. Madison Insurance Embu Branch 

Location: Embu Motors Building, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Kenyatta Avenue

Contacts: 068-30303, 020-2864750

13. Madison Insurance Mombasa Branch

Location: TSS Building, 11th Floor Nkurumah Road

Contact: 041-2227478/ 2224036

14. Madison Insurance Malindi Branch

Location: Multi Grocers Building, 1st Floor, Lamu Road

Contact: 042 -2120802

15. Madison Insurance Ongata Rongai Branch

Location: Tyme Arcade, 2nd Floor Room 201

Contact: 0709 922000

16. Madison Insurance Machakos BranchLocation: Kiamba Mall, 4th Floor – Ngei Road

Contact: 044-20841

17. Madison Insurance Kitengela Branch

Location: Kitengela Capital Centre, 2nd Floor, Namanga Road

Contact: 020-2447411

18. Madison Insurance Homabay Branch

Location: Along Bank Road Opp Maseno University

Contact:  020-2864980/1

19. Madison Insurance Kitale Branch

Location: Nakumatt Mega Centre, 1st Floor, Makasembo Road

Contact: 020 2864940,054-31922

20. Madison Insurance Kisumu Branch Branch

Location: Re-insurance Plaza, 7th Floor, Kenyatta Highway

Contact: 057-2023224, 057-2022491

21. Madison Insurance Kisii Branch

Location: Ouru Complex, 2nd Floor, Kisii-Kisumu Road

Contact: 058-31031

22. Madison Insurance Kericho Branch

Location: AGC Bethany Centre, 2nd Floor

Contact: 052-20952

23. Madison Insurance Kakamega Branch

Location: Mega Mall Plaza, 2nd Floor. Kakamega-Kisumu Highway Opposite Muliro Gardens

Contacts: 056-30076

24. Madison Insurance Eldoret Branch

Location: Kiptagich House, 8th Floor, Uganda Road

Contact: 053-2062719/2061277

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