The Greatest Political Receptions And Processions To Ever Happen In Kenya

The political arena in Kenya has been bumpy, rough and generally unpreposessing. We have seen political rallies turn ugly, leaders with differing ideologies battling it out in different political gatherings and citizens fighting because of a leader.

But that aside, we have witnessed politicians go out of the country and come back to a grand reception from the airport. This grand receptions are usually a show of might and command of the crowds.
Below are some of the greatest political receptions and processions to ever happen in Kenya.

1. Kenneth Matiba’s Grand Reception Upon Return From London
Kenneth Matiba’s return to the country in May 2,1992 was after an 11 month sojourn in London.He was one of the top opposition leaders and a big critic of the then president Moi.
Matiba received an grand and jubilant reception as the mammoth crowd sang and danced as his procession moved.
A crowd estimated to be roughly over half a million welcomed Matiba home and that was one of the biggest processions Kenya has ever witnessed, the procession snaked from the JKIA to the City Centre.

2. Uhuru Kenyatta’s Reception Upon Return From The Hague

‪When President Uhuru Kenyatta  returned from The Hague on 9th October, 2014, his Supporters went all the way to the airport to welcome him back home. He addressed the nation at the Airport and the procession which caused a massive traffic jam ensued.

3. Raila Odinga’s Defiant But Heroic Welcome Upon Arrival From The U.S
Opposition leader Rt.PM Raila Odinga who has been in the U.S returned today (Friday 17,November)  to a heroic welcome from the airport by the few allowed supporters  and then joined thousands of his supporters who were waiting for him outside the airport.
The procession was all peaceful until the supporters reached Jogoo road and the procession turned ugly. But the procession from JKIA to Upperhill was one of a kind, supporters chanted slogans, sang songs and danced.

John Nyabuto

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